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Subject: Re: Female spectators at nude swim meets. We didn't wear suits at practice or for the meets. The first time I swam in a meet I was worried about everyone seeing me naked but my mom told me to be proud of how I looked. When I walked out to the pool there were 20 or 25 moms, sisters, teachers and girls in the audience. My girl friend was there and I recognized 9 or 10 girls from school and church plus several teachers.

We loved seeing it happen as it was something only boys could do and we could only see when they were nude. And seeing one boy erect was great but seeing a dozen or more was outstanding! Look, we were young and did some things that might not have been nice to the boys. But getting to see a boys penis for a few hours and not get into trouble for it.

Watching their penises grow then bounce and wiggle was truly exciting. I'm sorry if we disappointed you but that's how it was. Author: Tim [ Edit View ]. Author: Sam [ Edit View ]. How old are you Tim, 10? Get a life buddy.

There was a time when you were not in this world and a lot happened. Just because your shinny little ass was not born yet doesn't mean shit didn't happen, stick to Poke' Mon sites if you are that shallow minded. This site was nice until the "flamer troll" arrived. Leave it to a punk to screw things up! Ask mommy for your fidget spinner and stay away from sights meant for the grown ups!

Author: Yvonne [ Edit View ]. You are such a piss ant! Grow up little boy! An honest answer is worthy of praise. Author: Veritas [ Edit View ]. Author: Denise [ Edit View ]. I don't know if I should pitty you or laugh at your effort. WTF dude, I bet your girlfriend is so proud of you and the time you put into your investigation!

Which character on "Big Band Theory" did they create after you? You poor thing, I hope you didn't take more that 10 minutes to look this up! Unless of course you like that sorta thing, who knows? I have to ask, do you read these stories just to prove them wrong? And here I have been reading these stories thinking they were just dirty little stories, how silly of me! You really showed Jack, didn't you?

How incredibly shallow! I am looking forward to you proving the rest of these other stories untrue as well. Talk about a good read!

I am so looking forward to your next "Troll Report"! Thanks for the post! I needed a good laugh! How old are you? I feel they really need a minimum age require for this site! Author: Dave [ Edit View ]. I don't know about nude swim meets but we certainly had female spectators when we took swimming lessons at the Y. They were allowed to watch for junior boys up to about age 13 and sometimes Needless to say we boys had to be naked for the lessons and there were moms, aunts, sisters and sometimes their friends too.

There was some embarrassment after age 12 for most of us, with our bare penises on full display to all those females of all ages. We were giving them a free show and nobody among the adults seemed to mind. Even the instructors were mostly girls in their mid or late teens.

Spankings, just a few hand slaps on our bare butts, were also common when we misbehaved during the lessons which increased our humiliation in front of the amused females. And yes, there would be a few erections during a normal class of about 15 boys. Not all boys were the same, some erected easilly and often, not to mention the different sizes and shapes of our equipment which was open for all the girls to see.

Author: Coffee Hound [ Edit View ]. I can only imagine how much fun those girls had seeing your penises at that age, oh my! I would have been so excited being allowed to see that many boys totally nude. I have been reading these stories and really enjoying them. I'm not judging anyone here as to their truthfulness, but just the thought of getting to see boys that were made to stand around nude in front of girls is a total turn on for me. I can only imagine the shame they went thru knowing the girls were getting to see them nude.

Just sitting there looking at their penises all I wanted makes me excited. I could only imagine how fast their hearts must have been beating as they looked at all the girls getting to see them nude, NUDE! And you said they got erections as the girls there got to watch, just "boing" and they were getting a hard-on! I have to tell you that had to be exciting, getting to see them grow and all.

They had to be pretty embarrassed having girls see that happening. They got to see them get hard then walk around with an erection, I am so jealous! I mean that would have been so cool to see as you said, so many different shapes and sizes. Penises were probably everywhere you looked! I have to ask how close those girls were to you. Some of the boys in the other stories said they could hear what girls in the bleachers were saying about their penises.

I can't imagine how that would feel! Having to hear them talk about your penis as it grew right there in front of them! This site is so much fun reading, I love hearing how embarrassed you boys got! I really wish I was around back then! Author: Sylvia [ Edit View ]. They went to the YMCA to learn how to swim and that too was totally nude. Naked as J-birds! It was funny as their boners were concert with the lessons. If it was interesting their boners would go down if they were standing around bored "pop" they got boners!

There were other girls there too getting to see their peckers.

We would sit together and talk about circumcised and uncircumcised peckers. They were fun to watch getting hard, then going soft, then getting hard through out their lessons. After about 4 or 5 lessons I pretty much knew what boys had down there! There was no doubt as I saw the real deal each time I went to a swim lesson. You could see their per hole at the tip and if they were not hard you could see their foreskin too. As my brothers classes came near the end I was worried that would be the end to all my excitement but mom put them into competition and we got to go to meets and practices.

There were age groups and older boys all walking around nude! I got to see older boys and how they looked different from boys my brothers age. These older boys had much bigger rockets and were so exciting to watch. When they got boners the had them for a while and their balls were much bigger!! It was so exciting getting to just look and see so many nude boys!!!

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My brothers swam competitively for 3 years, all 3 years they and the competition were always nude! It was great. I really enjoyed seeing the older boys penises and getting to see a few of them get a boner as we watched! It was so exciting and helped me to prepare for dating and sexual activity as I grew older!

Too bad this still doesn't go on for the girls of today!!! Girl Power! Author: Billy [ Edit View ]. This holding and fingering of our genitals inevitably frequently gave us erections. Author: Hootie [ Edit View ]. Worse than that was when they made us float on our back with penises showing. The class made a circle around you and there it was. Your penis! Most of us got erections laying on our back in front of the girls right at eye level. It was highly embarrassing knowing all those girls were looking right at your penis!

Author: Biscut Eater [ Edit View ]. Our instructors name was Joan and she too would hold us by our penis as we would kick our feet! There was no doubt she was playing with my penis as I would kick.

She literally held my penis like you hold a hammer. If you didn't already have a boner you did after that! She would smile at me and say to practice holding on to the side of the pool and we would do it again later.

We had to "do it right" before we could leave for the day and the girls would all stand by the ladder to see our boners as we exited the pool! It was very embarrassing to say the least! The girl instructors were all HS or college girls and each would have 4 or 5 boys in her group.

At age 11 and 12 one could not be unaware of her hand and fingers holding your genitals while you splashed your feet about the water with your penis rubbing in every direction in her cupping hand, especially if you were erect.

The other 4 boys in each group would be standing in the shallow end of the water waiting their turn, some of them already or still with an erect boy penis. How old were you at the time? Joan had her daughter and a few of her friends there to help keep the order. I am guessing they were 14 or This was with the American Red Cross and we swam at the high schools pool. There were boys of all ages there and I remember a few of those boys were like you 11 or It had to be rough on them showing there stuff to girls only a few years older than them!

I was rather embarrassed myself! Joan was the instructor and the girls would hold us up and play with our penises under water! It felt funny being held like that And once in a while Joan would teach us as the girl held us rubbing our penis or squeezing our balls.

It was very hard to concentrait when that was going on! Did you have girls in your class, we did and I think they knew that the girls were groping us. There were only 3 girls but they always passed their drills before we did and would stand by the ladder and look at our boners as we exited the pool. I really hated that!!! One guy once posted that his mixed swim class was boys nude, girls in suits.

He said it was in Dearborn, Michigan in the early 60s. Could you tell me when and where this took place, if it's not too much to ask? As other posters have said it was not uncommon for sisters and other girls accampanied by parents to watch the boys, maybe up to 11 or 12, swimming classes as spectators, or maybe even at swim meets. But for teenage boys having female spectators, let alone mixed swimming CFNM classes would have been much rarer if it really happened.

Our classes were not mixed although we had young female instructors as I recounted in my previous post. But I knew an older guy who said that in his grade school in the early 50s up to 10 or 11 they had mixed swim classes with boys always nude and girls wearing swimsuits.

I remember he was very angry about it when he told me this many years later, saying that the school supplied swimsuits and even swimcaps for girls but they did not supply anything for the boys to even just cover their genitals or butt cracks. So in all I think it much depended on the era and the age of the boys. The more one goes backward in time it would have been more common and accepted as normal by society. Altough it was embarrassing and humiliating being naked in front of them and fondled underwater as they held us up no one dared complain or cause trouble because in those days you would be taken out of the pool and be swatted on your bare butt with everyone looking on.

This happened a few times during our classes if some boy was misbehaving and it was funny to watch a boy getting his bare butt hand swatted in a standing position at the side of the pool. Was this also the case in your classes? We did have a boy who's penis poked a girl in the butt. He swore up and down he didn't do it on purpose. The girls were terrible about teasing us about seei,g our penis.

I was just a bad situation all around! Author: Dawn [ Edit View ].

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I too had opportunities to see boys nude when I was young and it was quite stimulating if I may say so myself.

I was 8 the first time we went to the beach and I got to see boys of all ages stark naked! I saw so many nude boys and enjoyed seeing their penises. I also got to watch as their penises extended into erections or saw boys walking the beach with their penises standing straight up wiggling as they walked!

It was very entertaining getting to see the boys parts and seeing how they all looked the same. I found it exciting learning about boys penises seeing them soft and hard!

I was also very turned on knowing I had seen so much about their bodies, getting to see what they had always covered up! It was a stimulating feeling and I really enjoyed it! So much about them was now something I now knew. I had seen their penises and known their embarrassment as I watched their penises grow! It was fascinating seeing everything I saw and on that visit and other visits to the beach.

As I grew older I truly enjoyed seeing the penises of all the boys and sometimes even grown men. Seeing the differences age made on penis size was very interesting allowing me to see penises on all age groups of males.

I was very excited by seeing circumcised and uncircumcised penises and seeing them both soft and hard! It was a fun experience I will enjoy forever!

Author: Jeepman89 [ Edit View ]. Did you get close and try to talk to them? Were they embarrassed or did they try to show off for you? We were at a beach adjacent to a clothing optional beach. I walked above the warning sign purposely and planned on saying I had got lost looking for my parents should I get caught.

I was never asked where my parents were but I did see a bunch of nude men. There were 2 who showed me their penises as they erected and that was quite the turn on.

The last guy who let me watch him grow asked me back to his blanket and promised me he would let me touch it but I chickened out and went back to the clothes section. I would say the first guy got kind of embarrassed but the second was showing off.

He was probably sincere but I was way to frightened and ran away. Author: Jeff [ Edit View ]. I am sure that the girls, especially our age, came to see penises and not because they were interested in swimming competitions. As if it was not enough to have sisters as spectators they also brought their friends over to have a visual feast. Yes, some of the girls were younger than us and some of them couldn't hide their excitement at seeing us boys all naked.

A few of them would tease us about it when they saw us back in the neighborhood. Also a few of the younger girls or our age would want to put their hands inside our pants to feel our butts and penises when we were alone together.

If I fancied a girl I would let her do it and show her how to wank me. Author: Vernon [ Edit View ]. It was and I was an above average swimmer. At that time boys had to swim nude and it was no surprise that girls were allowed to see us totally nude!

They were rather brazen about it getting to see our bodies and more importantly our penises. We were at their mercy, totally exposed as we were there with our penises on display! The girls were more than ecstatic getting to see exactly what we usually hid from them.

At the pool the girls gawked at all that made us different. We were totally nude, full frontal for them to see! Our penises, which were usually covered in modesty, were now shared with girls of all ages. They were educated to the male form at our expense allowing girls to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what a penis actually looked like. Worse yet, many boys bared it all, including erections for all the girls to enjoy!

They were shown how our penises transformed right before their eyes from flaccid to fully erect.

thought differently

We swam in front of hundreds of spectators at meets that year allowing countless girls the chance to see a penis just by showing up! The shame and embarrassment that resulted from the exposure was not easy to endure. Everyone there could see your penis and knew exactly what you looked like nude. That is very traumatic for an 11 year old boy. I had nightmares about the girls getting to see me and touch me. The humiliation was over the top! The girls would point at you covering their mouths then whispering and laughing.

There was no way to control your embarrassment then suddenly you grew erect. Everyone there got to see it happen and you could only let them watch. Many people said you could turn around or get into the water but there were races going on in the pool and turning around only drew even more attention to your problem.

You had no control over your erection and it sometimes lasted for the entire meet. The girls really loved that! It was your penis they were looking at, these were girls you didn't even know! They got to see everything and didn't even have to behave. It was so unfair!

Author: Chase [ Edit View ]. I swam nude for 2 years. I was always a nervous wreck about being seen nude each time I swam.

apologise, but

Knowing there would be girls there to look at all I had was a terrifying experience for me! The only reason I swam a second year was my parents asked me to give it one more year. I always had erections seeing so many girls in the bleachers and that has that kind of effect on you. It also stuck with me for days, remembering all those girls looking at me and being erect was very embarrassing.

I would relive that shame and humiliation for days after the meet! It was true that some boys enjoyed girls looking at them nude, showing off their penis to girls even when erect! They loved seeing those girls getting to see everything they had, it just wasn't my cup of tea!

As I said in my previous post we boys all had to be naked during meets in junior teams up to years old.

Yes, it was humiliating being completely naked in front of mixed spectators, especially girls our age with our penises and bare butts on full display for them to gawk at. The only reason we stuck to it was because we knew that in the following year after age 13 we would be allowed to wear competition speedos which were minimalist and made of very thin material that left nothing to the imagination, especially when wet.

But at least we weren't comletely bare. Some teams in some places continued to compete naked even in their teens in front of spectators, but I think these were few. Like you also said some boys either enjoyed being seen naked in front of the girl spectators or didn't care because they were so used to it from a young age. But for many of us at that age of 12 and 13 it was embarrassing and humiliating.

I was so humiliated by the neighbor girl and my sister I really didn't care anymore. It really bothered me and I just could not take it! Everyone told me it would be better the next year but I was over all that mess. I had to quit or totally lose it! Author: Luke [ Edit View ]. My sister teased me constantly about seeing me nude and getting to watch as I grew erect.

After each meet she would tell me all about what the girls were talking about. I knew she was making a lot of it up but there were things she told me that might have been said. It really made me think about some of those things she said at the next meet and then I got a boner in front of everyone there!

She told me how much fun it was seeing me get a boner and how the girls all laughed about watching it happen. Our pool area was small and everyone was within 10 feet so they got a really good look. There was no wall space so there was no place to hide your boner. You just had to let them see it grow. The girls all loved getting to watch as it happened.

There were always some giggling that went on as you treated everyone there to a complete erection from start to finish! Then just stood there with your boner sticking straight up! It was very embarrassing to share that with so many people!

It was embarrassing letting your family and neighbor girls see your penis, I must admit. And for those who never attended there were erections. I got boners in front of the crowd a few times and yes, it was very humiliating. The girls would start giggling as the ol' flagpoll would stick straight up! It was a rather personal thing to have to share with anyone, let alone girls!

Both my sisters saw me nude and so did everyone else. There was a lot of standing around while others swam keeping me out of the water. We were nude and this was when I would get a boner. Everyone there could see penises and we could see people in the bleachers looking at us, most likely right at our penises! I knew the girls could see me because my sisters would tease me about seeing my boner wiggle or how funny i looked getting my boner. They also commented on the other boys getting hard and how their penises looked like they were alive.

That was quite possibly the most embarrassing time of my life!

seems remarkable

This assault is on Yvonne not me! I don't agree with undermining another's post but that's not my place to say anything. I don't want to get involved, please! And thank you! Author: Barny Gibbons [ Edit View ]. Sonnenson was incorporated with Madison init was a small village just outside of Madison. Like many other small villages towns back then it was a financial benefit to incorporate with big cities. There were tax breaks and property values soared as the larger cities incorporated with the villages.

Trash collection, schools, power and phone lines, water and sewage all were factored in. The property in between all but doubled making many local land owners very rich selling land to housing developers and shopping plaza magnates. It's all about commerce, money son, money! You should do your homework a little better before criticising others posts!

Author: Phil [ Edit View ]. And yes, it could never happen today, but those were more innocent times. There was a lot less body shame and guilt being sold to young people. Today, there is all kinds of male and female nudity available on the internet and most kids have what amounts toa degree in anatomy.

Find high-quality Boys Swimming Naked stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Nude male swimming in high school and YMCA in the 50's until about the mid 's is an indisputable fact - at least in the midwest. I have friends who talked about how they were forced to participated in nude swimming during this time and some of the scrawny white boys were a bit intimidated by the size of some of the black kids equipment. XVIDEOS nude-swimming videos, free. Bhivpuri 26 yrs old unmarried, beautiful, hot, glamorous and sexy girl showing her full transparent nude boobs in bra at swimming pool, when she came here with his lover for party viral sex porn video # , April 15th.

Just my opinion, born Author: Don [ Edit View ]. Most boys didn't mind skinnydipping in front of girls till early or mid teens. Also boys being made to swim nude in some places like the Y, at school, camps and other places even if there were girls or females present was not considered as abuse as it is today. It was considered as normal and natural for boys to swim nude, even if some were embarrassed about it. I am sure that many girls often got an eyeful of naked boys in these circumstances, as some posting here say they did.

It was a double standard but there was nothing us boys could do about it. Author: Devils Advocate [ Edit View ]. None of us ever wore trunks while out camping, so when we had a family day it was "get naked as a j-bird" in front of everyone's sisters!

There were plenty of giggles by the girls and lots of boners on the boys part! Sadly after the swim meet there was a cookout and us boys were told to remain nude! The sisters got to see a lot of exposed male flesh and got to see it relatively close up. Well, close enough for my 8 year old sister to comment on seeing the foreskin retract on one of the boys getting a boner. It was very embarrassing being seen like that and by total strangers, some were even our age!

I will never forget having girls of all ages milling around us as we stood nude and many of us were totally erect as the girls ate wieners! Talk about a rough day! Author: J-Bird [ Edit View ].

Sometimes we had visitors like parents who came to see how we were doing. They were mostly unannounced and surprise visits because we had no phone at the camp and wouldn't know when they were coming. Many of the parents would have daughters, our sisters, tagged along and it was somewhat embarrassing if we were swimming and they came to have a look.

The girls were obviously delighted and most would be giggling at seeing all us boys stark naked getting in and out of the water. Some of us would try to cover with our hands and erecting was also common if there were girls we knew and whom we fancied looking at our bare junk. The showers were also just open tents where we took group showers and not unusual for moms and daughters to pass by and stop to look when they came to visit anannounced.

Privacy for boys did not exist in those days and girls could feast their eyes on our naked bodies without anyone among adults or parents objecting or caring. Author: Meatball [ Edit View ].

1966 California swim meet archival footage

We were camping at a site that had 2 camping areas. The cabins, bathrooms and lodges were different, Geronimo was 3 times as large and capable of housing males and females. About 2 days into their stay the girls kitchen caught fire destroying the kitchen and lodge.

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The ranger closed that site leaving the girls without anywhere to stay. Geronimo has 2 sides, North and South that are separated by the pool. The ranger felt Geronimo could handle both groups of campers, but forgot about the two sexes being together in one campground! The boys, as usual, did not bring swimwear to use so we swam nude much to the delight of the girls.

There were plenty of erections and lots of giggles and teasing as the girls got to see us in the raw! It got to be a big problem as the girls were grabbing at our penises and taking full advantage of the younger boys. We tried complaining but it all fell to to deaf ears, the counselors thought that having the boys swim at the same time as the girls would break down barriers but all that did was embarrass the shit out of us boys!

It was all but impossible not to erect as The girls were very playful and interested in our bodies. The girls loved seeing and playing with our penises. They even got to see us erect watching us grow to a full fledged hard-on.

We hated having to let then see so much. Rules were even set up to keep us from putting our hands over our penises. It was thought to be sexual looking, almost as if we were touching ourselves.

There were also rules about the girls teasing us and touching our penises but they were broken within the first few days. The female counselors defended the girls saying they were just curious and wanted to know what a penis felt like so the casual grope was permitted as long as it didn't become a habit!? That was still up for discussion as the girls certainly took advantage of the oppertunity to play with our penises. All complaints were taken with a grain of salt and the complaining boy was labeled as a baby or pussy!

The girls found that out early and took advantage of the situation. Many of the girls would tease you endlessly as they rubbed Your penis for as long as they wished.

Eventually this all took place out in then open in front of other campers making the situation that much more embarrassing for the poor boy. Most of the counselors were involved in some "hanky panky" themselves.

That or drinking or smoking weed and that happened far away from the pool area. There was little or no supervision by the counselors. Some of the boys learned to enjoy the girls playing with their penises but a lot of us were shamed by the groping and feeling of our penises! The total humiliation was too much for me to handle but I still had to suffer thru the torment of letting girls have their way with my erection.

It was very embarrassing for me having to let them inspect my penis! Another glaring example of girls getting to take advantage of a nude boy situation. Again, the double standard! Author: Baxter [ Edit View ]. It was very different from what I expected. We were by a lake and swam nude in the pool and at the lake. Occationally they had cookouts and invited girl scouts over leaving us bare and exposed to the girls.

Many of the boys who had been there before knew what to expect but,many of us first timers were shocked that the girls were allowed to be with us while we were nude. Girls were everywhere while we were swimming at the lake. Boys had boners as the girls laughed at our misfortune. All these girls knew what we looked like nude, they knew what I looked like nude! It was explained off as a right of passage having the girls see us nude.

There were plenty of erections and teasing from the girls as everything was there for them to see. There was even a special merrit badge the girls got after seeing us nude. It was a glove. For this badge the boys were all lined up and the girls got to look us over and see everything we had.

This was called "The Gauntlet" and it gave the girls the chance to see and "learn about" the differences between us and them. They also learned about circumcised and uncircumcised along with slang like "boner", "balls" and "pecker".

Those girls who could point out the boys with boners or distinguish circumcised from uncircumcised got the merrit badge. Our bodies were used as props for the girls to get their friggin' badge!

That cook out at the lake was only the first humiliating event exposing us nude for the girls to see. Another time the girls were invited to go swimming at our pool while we were there nude. Again the girls got to tease us about seeing our boners and knowing what we look like nude. It was so humiliating letting them see us like that. My penis was so hard it actually hurt! The girls were enjoying the embarrassment I was suffering pointing at my raging hard on as it bounced like crazy.

Prompt, where

Not once did the boys get to see girls nude a,d spend time with them like they got go do with us! It was so very unfair left I,g them know so much about us! I never went to another Jamboree and as soon as i returning home I quit the scouts. I have heard many other accounts of nude humiliation at Jamborees on sites on line. It seems the scouts were a breeding ground for sexual escapades involving nude boys being exposed to girls back in the late 60's.

Yet again the double standard we all talk about! Author: Georgie Boy [ Edit View ]. We always swam nude and often swam nude with dressed girls present. It was very embarrassing at times like on Family Day where we swam nude with sisters of the other scouts who wore suits or if Girl Scouts visited they swam in suits with us nude.

It got very embarrassing letting girls see you nude! Author: Ben to Georgie [ Edit View ]. It was common for boy scouts to swim nude at camps till the 60s or 70s.

Our camps were separate from girl scouts but it was not unusual on visiting days for parents and sisters to come and watch us swim naked. We also had open showers at camp and anyone passing by could see us showering naked in groups. Some of the girls, especially the younger ones, would stop and watch to enjoy the view of us naked boys under the showers. The other guys were of similar ages, more younger than older I would guessed.

The family days were so embarrassing, the girls were excited about seeing penises and experiencing our shame. There were plenty of erections for the sisters to see and they took pictures of us nude to boot! There was another camp across the lake that the Girl scouts would use around the same time.

They came over and there was a big cook-out and games played, yep you guessed it, we were nude when we swam. The last year I was there we were over at the girls camp and someone stole our clothes.

We were nude thru the swim and the cook out. There were a lot if embarrassed boys walking around. Come to find out if was customary for the girls to do that when we visited their side of the lake. There were penises everywhere for the girls to see.

They would point at your penis and laugh, I was very embarrassed and never returned to the scouts. As stated in posts before, some of the boys were comfortable being nude with the girls. They were hard but seemed not to care too much about it. There was a rumor that in earlier years they did worse things like allowing the girls to measure each boys erection and seeing who could pee the furthest.

It was probably all bull hockey but I wasn't staying in the scouts after being seen nude for 5 hours in front of the girls. Surprisingly out clothes were in a pile at our camp that next morning. No explanation on who took them, just a sign that said "Sorry! Author: Obi Wan [ Edit View ]. They had so many opportunities to see penises either by swimming or open showers and yes, Family Days! My sister teased the hell out of me about getting to look at my penis and the other boys penises too!

Nothing was ever said about the girls being in the same pool with totally nude boys. I was always erect as we swam together as the embarrassment was over the top.

It wasn't just your Jamboree that let girls see nude boys. It was almost like it was a way to let girls see boys in the nude. It was a 9 mile hike to the Girl Scout Camp and we were always nude in front of them for one reason or another. Author: Cindy Bear [ Edit View ]. There were numerous times we got to join them swimming or just happened to be at their camp when they were nude!

We did get to compare and contrast each penis we saw as there was ample time to look the boys over and check our their goodies. I always loved summer camp and looked forward to seeing the differences in each boys penis. It was very educational for all the girls but it was also a lot of fun seeing the boys so embarrassed!

Author: Waldo [ Edit View ]. We were told that this was a test before becoming Boy Scouts That we had to pass. The Girl Scouts got to see us totally nude! We were about 2 years younger than the girls and we all had boners as we stood in front of a room full of girls. After about 25 or 30 minutes a large group of Girl Scouts entered the room seeing 12 nude boys with full erections! We were caught by surprise as the Girl Scouts got to look right at us.

Outnumbered 4 to one our arms were held behind our backs totally exposing us to all these girls. Our erections soon became super erections as the girls could do as they please! They teased us about sticking straight up and laughed wildly at our strange predicament! Then even more girls arrived proving to be a truly embarrassing moment. We later found out it was a haze in the rite of passage into the Boy Scouts and all Weblos at this Jamboree went thru the same haze.

I can only imagine the fun those girls had getting to see our penises all hard and throbbing with shame! The girls got very close getting to feel us up as we could not escape their grasp.

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The shame and embarrassment that came from the total exposure was something I would never forget! Author: Norman [ Edit View ]. I spent 8 years in the program as a Cub, Weblo and a Boy Scout. We never had anything like that go on with us! We were simply exposed to family and other boys sisters at Family Day! We were totally nude at the pool with sisters enjoying the refreshing water along with our bodies! There was nothing keeping the girls from looking us over from head to toe as getting in the water was open to the girls swimming underwater and seeing our penises.

There were erections and boys were embarrassed as the day slowly moved along. The girls were all smiles as us boys had to deal with full erections and humiliation from our total exposure to girls we had never met before! I remember the Family Day involving many mixed emotions with Care Packages coming from home to girls laughing at my foreskin as it retracted while erecting! The girls got to see everything as we were made to swim in the nude along with them. Author: Kit Kat [ Edit View ].

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I was so excited getting to see nude boys and swimming right beside them. I was only 8 years old but I got to see boys older than me totally nude. It was very exciting as everything was so easy to see and experience! As many have said before some of the boys freely shared their boy parts with us girls while others were very embarrassed that we could see their bodies. It was so much fun seeing the boys embarrassed that way.

Their penises would stick straight up as we checked them out. It was exciting to see boys with erections and boys who were limp at the same time!

I got to go 4 years in a row and as a 12 year old it was still something I looked forward to! The boys were as old as 16 and I did get to see pubic hair on many boys penises. The older ones were much longer and thicker sending shivers down my spine as I got to see them nude! At 16, my brother had as much of the Boy Scouts as he could take and I truly missed seeing all the boys penises. It was a great time while it lasted and I will always remember it as a childhood favorite! Author: Robbie [ Edit View ].

We boys had to swim nude till age 13 while the girls wore swimsuits. Some girls would brush their hand against our bare penis when they passed in front of us at the poolside during swim lessons, especially if a boy was erect. Boys were also spanked with pants down in front of mixed class, but girls were never spanked.

Author: Herman [ Edit View ]. And when it was time to swim it always meant boys were nude with girls in costumes. I was in Lord James Academy which was originally boys only but in girls were accepted in the school. It was a difficult transition as they first tried to segregate boys and girls in all classes.

It really wasn't working out as there were not enough girls there yet to justify separate classes. In they put boys and girls together in all classes, physical education class was included. The girls would share our locker rooms and the rules were exceedingly simple.

Boys were in first then when done, the girls were allowed in. But somehow the girls got to enter the locker room as we dressed out and were permitted to stay. The worst part was showering as they let the girls in while we were still in the shower.

Naked swim meet

Showering was manditory so you couldn't skip it. This put us totally nude in front of the girls. We had 5 minutes to shower and get back in our uniforms but those 5 minutes were very humiliating. We were teased about it and our towels were often hidden allowing the girls to experience our nude bodies. Many of us sported erections as the girls were right there smiling at you as you rushed to cover yourself up!

It was clear to see the girls were looking at your penis and what really hurt was they were permitted to do it. The girls instructor would blow her whistle and all boys were out of the locker room or else for the girls to shower and dress! In our last session we swam in a large pool which was in the basement under the gymnasium. It was very old and smelled of strong chlorine.

It was always the rule that we swam nude but the girls were afforded costumes to wear to cover their parts.

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Boys were made to swim nude, even in the presence of the girls. This was very humbling as your parts were now fully visible to girls in your class for the full hour, not just 5 minutes. The girls could mingle amongst us as we stood for roll and waited for permission to enter the pool. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we had calisthenics and that kept us out of the water for the first 20 minutes. Fully exposed we had to participate with the girls as our parts wobbled about for the girls to enjoy.

Giggles and laughter were heard as our bodies were quite the spectacle for the girls to enjoy. The shame was intense as nothing was ever said about the girls disrespecting our situation.

They even got so bold as to bend down to get a better look on boys standing outside of the pool. We were told that our only recourse was to stand proud and display yourself as the Accadamy was set on including the girls in the academic program.

The only time we got to stay dressed was when a movie was shown and most of those were hygiene movies and showed male genitalia throughout. It was very humiliating to say the least.

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The information was very graphic and very, very personal. They showed foreskins, erections along with the ejaculation process allowing the girls the chance to not only see embarrassing events of a young mans life but to have them fully explained documentary style! It was extremely embarrassing to hear them laughing as they saw a male ejaculating in slow motion!

No cartoons here mind you, real motion pictures of a male erecting and ejaculating for all to see! Then being teased about it after, it was all you could do not to die of embarrassment! The girls were treated as if they were made of gold but us boys were humiliated over and over again. Our bodies seemed to be purposefully exposed to girls to keep the girls in attendance and get more girls interested in attending Lord James. It was a very shameful experience for me if I may say so myself!

Must have been gut wrenching. Can't imagine what I would have done. Lord James was a proper boys boarding school. It was only when the girls were involved that it really declined. Shame when you think abo? Very sad! Author: Peter [ Edit View ]. Did you also have swimming galas in the nude in front of parents, siblings and other guests as was common in these type of English private schools? Did you have corporal punishment at the school, which was also common, and did it also apply to girls or just boys?

We had 4 levels and by level 4 there was no swimming in the ciriculem. Boys were starting puberty by then and it was frowned upon as many boys would show off and cause a scene. We had very similar schedules to public schools. There were other days we had off, Queens Birthday and the such.

There were celebratory meals, concerts or plays put on for us to enjoy. Our Autumn term break included Halloween whic to celebrateh we usually celebrated at Lord James, but many returned home for that break. Local events included a haunted barn, a bon fire, a dance at the square with a live band and frightful movies at the theatre for free!

I enjoyed the celebrations and local festivals at the school more the older I got and often skipped that break. The school was closed for the 2 weeks of Christmas break, no one stayed over.

Same went for Easter Break. Spring term was cold and I almost always went home for that half break. Moms birthday was February 6th and I usually made it for her birthday then. I needed to bring home my studies and that was difficult to do with family matters and goings on happening all around. Our summer term was when most swimming occurred and we did have a Summer Gala at terms end. It did involve swimming for those interested and a cook out but mostly it was a day when we got picked up for Summers Break.

There were sisters and family involved that caused similar embarrassment but many skipped the Galas to go off to vacations and such. Although erections were forgiven in classes it was a huge problem at the Summer Galas and such behavior was met with strict diciplen, usually whacks but never in public.

I knew a few boys who were caught up in the swimming seeing other boys sisters causing stiffies! They were hauled into Head Masters office receiving whacks for their "vulgar" display at Gala.

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There was corporal punishment during tem but only in private, usually in the Head Masters office. Most diciplenary action was for disrespecting a teacher or failing to respect anothers privacy, stealing or vandalism, disrupting class or a school event and any sexual involvement with classmates or locals.

The latter often resulted in criminal charges. Were the swim classes with girls of same age or mixed ages? Did the teachers allow them to tease you about your nudity?

Were the nude swim galas in front of sisters and family obligatory or voluntarily? I can imagine the boys embarrassment and shame in such situations, even more so if they got whacked and punished for involuntary erections in front of female spectators.

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