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Super naked Mario Funny :) Crazy naked Mario :D

This is something I decided to make since a lot of people have been asking me to do another oneshot lemon story for a long time now. Enjoy my story and make sure to leave a review! And remember, if you're under the age of 16 or not a fan of lemon stories, please do not read or you will die a slow and painful death! This takes place in Sarrasaland. Google it if you don't know where I'm talking about. Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Nintendo.

Did Luigi break his arm when he fell to the floor? Just leave him. Peach gave Luigi a band-aid that she found in the medicine cabinet to cover up his baby wound.

Luigi applied the band-aid to his bicep and gave Peach the look of satisfaction. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working A small mistake! Next time, I got more castles. Decoy castles. I'm such a genius! He'll never figure out which castle I'm in! There was so much fighting over that job!

Everyone wants to be me! Except him. Mario doesn't want to be me. Mario keeps beating me. He was more steady than a bullet bill. He tore down everything and ended up before me.

Short SM64 bloopers : Naked Mario

And again with the axe. Again with the lava. Everything I do, he's in my way. Everything I build, he destroys. It's not fair. I'm a monster.

I want to kidnap a princess. I want to get away with it. I want to do evil things. Of course, a hero has to come after me. But why is he so strong? These thoughts are not like me. I'm usually full of confidence. Because I'm so cool. Nothing is ever my fault, really. Someone else is always screwing up my plans. But this time, I don't know. I thought it would be different. Or something. I was gonna get married. That'll teach him. He can't rescue her if we're married.

It's freaking genius.

Mario and Luigi head over to the princess's party to have some fun, but when the princess can't be found, Mario and Luigi go on a search for her. Warning: boy x boy love, don't like don't read. Mario x Luigi. First yaoi fic, advice is appreciated. If I see any flames, then I'm going to . Birthday Surprise. By: 1KamZ. On a normal and hot sunny afternoon in Sarrasaland, we find Princess Daisy shooting some hoops at her personal basketball court by herself. Today was a very depressing day for her since all her friends went on another adventure to save Peach once again, on the day of her 25 birthday. "I can't BELIEVE them!". Mario turned his face away after hearing those words but Rosalina realized this and grabbed his face, turning him to face her. They both stared into each other's eyes and then suddenly, they closed in for one nice and passionate kiss. Mario wanted to pull away but for some reason, he gave in to their kiss and wrapped his hands around her hips.

I'm so freaking smart it's scary. I even hired wedding planners. Those fools aren't worth the coins! What a load of chumps! But Mario came by again. Beat me again. This time.

I don't know. I feel like he was madder than usual. A real bee in his briches. I was real happy when I saw that. I was happy I was getting under his skin. I feel angry! I feel defeated! But then after.

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Peach didn't marry us. Didn't marry me. Didn't marry Mario. It's Marrymore Church all over again. It's like, Peach defeats both of us. Like we're the same, kind of. I never really thought about Mario like that before.

I'm sitting on my throne, staring at my broken shell. That's the other thing.

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He broke my freaking shell. Seriously, how?

I'm a Koopa too. My shell is my pride. My bomes may break but my shell will live forever. What the frick is in those boots? He broke my shell! I'm sitting here, staring at it, remembering him. And still.

I keep losing. I wanna win. I wanna beat him. Kamek is an old crone. He comes up with some good ideas sometimes. Well, no, all the good ideas are mine. But Kamek helps inspire me a little - just a little - now and then.

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What's this? It's a tiny little thing compared to my big scaly body. Did I? Uh yeah! I get the feeling like those words are being exagerated.

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I did say something like that when I was complaining. So this tiny little thing is going to make me Super?

Naked mario fic

Wow hold on. Too awesome! Fire is coming out of my mouth, I'm so excited. Wow it's like it was destiny! I'm such a genius for coming up with this idea! Rosalina blushed madly since she already knew was about to occur and within seconds, Mario erupted his seed straight into the star princess' mouth as some leaked out from her mouth and spilled around his length and the bed sheets.

She withdrew her mouth from him and gazed into his tired eyes. He looked back at her filled mouth and watched her swallow his seed with one audible gulp. She gd to notice that after that strong climax, Mario was still erected and twitching for more.

Night was falling back in the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach was now getting worried. Alone and sitting on the couch in the castle's living room, she checked the time and noticed it was p. She exited out from her castle and strolled over to Luigi's house. Arriving at his home she raised an eyebrow and wondered why all the lights around his home are off.

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She stopped at his closed front door and knocked gently. Realizing that no one has responded she knocked again and was confused to realize that the door still won't open.

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She peeked through the window and watched inside the dark house. She knocked aggressively this time and was relieved to hear the doorknob finally moving. The door opened and Luigi made his way through but opening the door slightly so Peach couldn't get a good glimpse inside. Peach shuffled her eyebrows since she could feel the breeze of his indoor air conditioner brush past her face. Luigi chuckled nervously again and rubbed the back of his head.

What the hell are you talking about? Peach examined his lips and was surprised to notice that it was completely covered in faint pink lipstick. Before Luigi could answer, a hand popped out of nowhere and dug into the plumber's pants, causing both Peach and Luigi to gasp at this sudden action.

The Sensual Night. By:1KamZ. Chapter 1. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy were playing a competitive basketball game in the warm and calm night. Mario and Luigi were on one team and Peach and Daisy were on the other.

Daisy started coughing, trying her best to convince Peach that she is still sick. You know I'm very sick and I need you! Arriving inside her castle, she plopped down onto her couch and began watching some T. Mario and Rosalina were occupied on another kissing session and this time it was more heated than before. Rosalina's tongue quickly pushed inside Mario's mouth and mingled with him as she moaned deeply and cradled his face.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, Rosalina parted her lips from him and narrowed her eyes, reaching behind herself. Mario nodded at her simple question as she smirked in response.

Watching her hands fumble with something behind herself caused him to wonder but he stopped and his eyes popped open when he heard a quick unsnapping sound. Rosalina giggled seductively and instantly allowed her white bra to fall from her chest and threw it on the floor near the bed. Yes, Mario was astonished, her well developed D cup sized breasts was exposed to his view and he just stayed there completely dumbstruck.

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Mario nodded without hesitation, he didn't wanted to admit it but they were actually bigger than Peach's. Mario gulped and removed his gloves. He then placed a bare hand on her right breast, amazed to feel her cold bare skin. He started his way massaging her breast in a circular motion delicately, causing her to whimper in the air. Mario then placed another hand on her left breast and followed his movement as her moans increased in volume.

Mario struggled a smirk and without thinking, he pinched her erected nipples as the star princess squealed at his sudden attempt. Rosalina absolutely loved Mario's satisfying performance as she was becoming even more wet while he continues. Jolts of pleasure were being sent through her body as Mario pinches her stiff nipples more, placing her hands over his and closing her eyes.

Mario sat up and placed his mouth on Rosalina's hard left nipple, forcing her to squeal again. She bit her lip as she felt Mario continue to tease her right breast, pinching its nipple deeply. He suckled fervently on Rosalina's soft breast, feeling her place a hand on his head and pushed him more onto her. He switched to her next breast and copied his actions as his free hand moved to her left breast and caressed her skin.

She was disappointed when she noticed Mario has stopped his actions, opening her eyes and staring down at him. Mario quickly opened his eyes and cursed himself as he realized his two hands were placed on Rosalina's soft ass that was barely being covered by her white panties, squeezing her rear tightly after each second. She moaned again from this and nibbled Mario's neck.

She gd as she felt him trying to remove her panties and she assisted him, pulling off the damp underwear from off her toned legs.

Now, she was completely nude. Blushing continuously, she straddled him and gave him a naughty wink as he gazed back at her. She raised her pelvis and grabbed a good hold of his member, positioning it under her moist opening. She rubbed the tip of his shaft against her and finally lowered herself onto his erection until every inch of his length was inside of her, joining them together.

Mario groaned after feeling his length being enclosed by her very tight core. Rosalina limply dropped her chest on his and began slowly rocking her hips onto him as she moaned softly. He held her hips and followed with her movements. She regained some strength and began roughly bouncing on his length, surprising him at her sudden take of dominance.

The repeated sounds of speaking was heard from the large bed as they continue their strong actions of sex. Mario carelessly placed a hand on her right breast and massaged the area gently as Rosalina cried in pleasure.

She slows down her speed and starts rocking him, going back and forth at a steady but slow motion. Mario was impressed at her actions and smirked at her, squeezing her plump breasts even more.

Suddenly, the star princess could feel a tightness building up as she made her announcement. Within seconds, they both resulted in a quick orgasm as both their juices erupted and filled each other, crying out in ecstasy and happiness. Rosalina collapsed and dropped onto Mario chest, breathing heavily along with him. She smirked and edged up to whisper something in his ear.

Mario bit his lips while staring at her backside as his member quickly came back to life. He wasted no time and positioned his stiff erection behind her ample rear before entering seconds later. Rosalina quickly gd after feeling him penetrate her as she gripped her bedsheets. Mario held her hips and started to trust himself at a steady pace. Rosalina moaned and pushed herself back, wanting to feel more of him inside her. He continued, picking up his pace and pulling the end of her messy blonde hair for support.

He enjoyed her moans of pleasure, reaching for one of her sweaty breasts and squeezed her roughly. She moaned again, clutching her sheets tighter as she could feel her climax coming soon.

After her last scream, she resulted in another orgasm and collapsed onto her bed, breathing continuously. Mario pulled out from her as well and turned her over roughly, now she was on her back. She was surprised at his sudden strength but blushed since she loves it when a man takes charge. I didn't know you were so strong," she stated in an alluring tone. Rosalina nibbled on her index finger in a naughty way and winked at the plumber. They soon parted and Mario spreads her legs as he positions his organ close to her wet lower lips.

He rubbed his tip around her opening and chuckled evily as she whimpered silently. He grinned and easily slid himself into her wet core, groaning as he once again felt her moist walls squeeze his member.

He thrusts himself in and out of her core at a slow pace that was displeasing her already. Go as fast as you can dammit! He smirked again and pushed himself to a more faster speed, happy to hear sweet moans from her. Oh, yes! Mario rested his upper body on her chest, feeling Rosalina wrap her arms behind him. She screamed his name and dug her nails into his back as he bites her neck in return. Mario's thrusts once again increased its speed as Rosalina's moans and cries became louder than before.

After several minutes of sex in their missionary position they both could feel a final climax ready to happen.

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