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Why are so many Greek and Roman statues naked?

Greek mythology was always my favorite thing to learn about in grade school and throughout this year. Though many stories vary, and there is some dispute over certain stories and situations, I tried to stick to one source in order to avoid confusion. Aphrodite has always been synonymous with sexual pleasure. From her name we get the word aphrodisiac, which might tell you something about her. She was somewhat promiscuous.

She is a sister of Zeusby whom she bore Persephonewho is also known as Kore, i. Demeter is one of the main deities of the Eleusinian Mysteriesin which the rites seemed to center around Demeter's search for and reunion with her daughter, which symbolized both the rebirth of crops in spring and the rebirth of the initiates after death.

She is depicted as a mature woman, often crowned and holding sheafs of wheat and a torch. Her sacred animals include pigs and snakes. God of wine, fruitfulness, parties, festivals, madness, chaos, drunkenness, vegetation, ecstasy, and the theater.

He is the twice-born son of Zeus and Semelein that Zeus snatched him from his mother's womb and stitched Dionysus into his own thigh and carried him until he was ready to be born.

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In art he is depicted as either an older bearded god particularly before BC or an effeminatelong-haired youth particularly after BC. His attributes include the thyrsusa drinking cup, the grape vine, and a crown of ivy.

He is often in the company of his thiasosa group of attendants including satyrsmaenadsand his old tutor Silenus. The consort of Dionysus was Ariadne.

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It was once held that Dionysius was a later addition to the Greek pantheon, but the discovery of Linear B tablets confirm his status as a deity from an early period. Bacchus was another name for him in Greek, and came into common usage among the Romans. King of the underworld and the dead. God of wealth. His consort is Persephone. His attributes are the drinking horn or cornucopiakey, sceptre, and the three-headed dog Cerberus.

His sacred animals include the screech owl. He was one of three sons of Cronus and Rheaand thus sovereign over one of the three realms of the universe, the underworld. As a chthonic god, however, his place among the Olympians is ambiguous. In the mystery religions and Athenian literature, Plouton "the Rich one" was his preferred name, because of the idea that all riches came from the earth. The term Hades was used in this literature to refer to the underworld itself.

God of fire, metalworking, and crafts. Either the son of Zeus and Hera or Hera alone, he is the smith of the gods and the husband of the adulterous Aphrodite.

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He was usually depicted as a bearded, crippled man with hammer, tongs, and anvil, and sometimes riding a donkey. His sacred animals include the donkey, the guard dog, and the crane. Among his creations was the armor of Achilles. Hephaestus used the fire of the forge as a creative force, but his Roman counterpart Vulcan was feared for his destructive potential and associated with the volcanic power of the earth.

List of Greek mythological figures

Queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. She is the wife and sister of Zeusand the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She was usually depicted as a regal woman in the prime of her life, wearing a diadem and veil and holding a lotus-tipped staff.

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Although she is the goddess of marriage, Zeus's many infidelities drive her to jealousy and vengefulness. Her sacred animals include the heifer, the peacock, and the cuckoo. Her Roman counterpart is Juno. God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, language, thieves and writing. Hermes was also responsible for protecting livestock and presided over the spheres associated with fertility, music, luck, and deception.

He was depicted either as a handsome and athletic beardless youth, or as an older bearded man.

His attributes include the herald's wand or caduceuswinged sandals, and a traveler's cap. His sacred animals include the tortoise. His Roman counterpart is Mercury. Virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and chastity.

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She is a daughter of Rhea and Cronusand a sister of Zeus. Not often identifiable in Greek art, she appeared as a modestly veiled woman. Her symbols are the hearth and kettle.

In some accounts, she gave up her seat as one of the Twelve Olympians in favor of Dionysusand she plays little role in Greek myths. Her Roman counterpart Vestahowever, was a major deity of the Roman state.

God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes. He is a son of Cronus and Rheaand the brother of Zeus and Hades.

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He rules one of the three realms of the universe, as king of the sea and the waters. In art he is depicted as a mature man of sturdy build, often with a luxuriant beard, and holding a trident. His sacred animals include the horse and the dolphin.

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His wedding with Amphitrite is often presented as a triumphal procession. In some stories he rapes Medusa, leading to her transformation into a hideous Gorgon and also to the birth of their two children, Pegasus and Chrysaor.

His Roman counterpart is Neptune. King of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and justice.

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He is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea. He overthrew Cronus and gained the sovereignty of heaven for himself. In art he is depicted as a regal, mature man with a sturdy figure and dark beard. His usual attributes are the royal scepter and the lightning bolt.

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His sacred animals include the eagle and the bull. His Roman counterpart is Jupiteralso known as Jove. Eos Dawn and the hero Memnon - BC. Oceanus wearing crab-claw horns, with Tethys Roman-era mosaic.

The Gigantes were the offspring of Gaia Earthborn from the blood that fell when Uranus Sky was castrated by their Titan son Cronuswho fought the Gigantomachy, their war with the Olympian gods for supremacy of the cosmos, they include:.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Arete Hubris Xenia. Daphnephoria Dionysia. Sacred places. Helios in his four-horse chariot 3rd century BC. Ensuring good luckhealthand wisdom. Alpheuswho fell in love with the nymph Arethusa.

Inachusthe first king of Argos and progenitor of Argive line through his son grandson Argus. NilusEgyptian river god and the father of numerous daughters that mingled with the descendants of Inachus. Peneusriver god of Thessaly flowing from the foot of Pindus. He was the father of Daphne and Stilbe. Scamanderwho fought on the side of the Trojans during the Trojan War. Ancient Greece portal Religion portal. Dictionary of classical mythology.

Encyclopedia Britannica. New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.

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Crescent Books. In Smith, William ed. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. This audio file was created from a revision of the article " List of Greek mythological figures " datedand does not reflect subsequent edits to the article.

Audio help. More spoken articles. Ancient Greek religion and mythology. Achilles island Delos. Dragons in Greek mythology Greek mythological creatures Greek mythological figures List of minor Greek mythological figures. Hecate Hesperus Phosphorus.

Naked greek god

Aphrodite Aphroditus Philotes Peitho. Hermanubis Hermes Thanatos.

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Empusa Epiales Hypnos Pasithea Oneiroi. Angelia Arke Hermes Iris. Apate Dolos Hermes Momus.

Some late Roman and Greek poetry and mythography identifies him as a sun-god, equivalent to Roman Sol and Greek Helios. Ares (????, Ares) God of war, bloodshed, and violence. The son of Zeus and Hera, he was depicted as a beardless youth, either nude . Watch Greek Gods porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Greek Gods scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. 8 Oversexed Greek Gods and Godesses. Nick Yarnall I tried to stick to one source in order to avoid confusion. Warning: There are a few somewhat NSFW pictures here, naked goddesses and such. But it's art, so it's all okay. 8. but among the most well known are Hypnos, god of sleep, and Eris, the goddess of discord. 2. Zeus.

Circe Hecate Hermes Trismegistus. Acherusia Avernus Lake Lerna Lake. Charonium at Aornum Charonium at Acharaca.

Although she married Hephaestus, according to my source, she only had five children: all with Hermes. Hermes also had another son, Pan, from which we get the pan flute and the word panic - pictured above with Aphrodite. Cronus, the titan, who is often picture as our modern-day father time, fathered six children with his sister, Rhea. Above, she is pictured handing one of their children to Cronus, whom he will promptly swallow.

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Eventually, Rhea gets tired of her children being eaten, and she sends her youngest son, Zeus, off to live as a mortal. Eventually, she finds him later and tells him to poison his own father.

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Cronus eventually spits up all five children he has swallowed, and then was thrown into Tartarus by his sons. Pleione bore Atlas seven children - sisters called the Pleiades, above. The Pleiades star cluster was clearly named after these sisters, who are also half? Mnemosyne, one of the titans, was recognized as the goddess of memory.

She and Zeus had a small affair and gave birth to the nine Muses, pictured above. The Muses were the deities of art, or rather, those who inspired art - music, poetry, stage, and dance, in particular. Uranus, one of the original deities, was born to Gaia, who is the inspiration for modern-day Mother Earth. With his mother, he made twelve children. These were all the titans. At first, they gave birth to a horrid beast with fifty heads and a hundred hands. Its name was Hecatonchires.

They were so repulsed by this monster that they threw him into Tartarus. After that, they tried again, but were gifted with the horrible Cyclopes. Again, they threw him into Tartarus.

On the third try, they succeeded. And soon enough, they had twelve children.

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