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Harry + Luna Holding on and letting go [Dedicated to Cecile]

Premise: After Harry nicks a Time-Turner in order to save Sirius, reality starts shifting around him. One day, he's not the Boy Who Lived, and the next, magic doesn't even exist. So Harry, being the only one aware of it, sets out to find out what went wrong. Harry Potter woke up that morning to the most wonderful feeling of a beautifully naked Cho Chang performing fellatio on him. His first assumption was that it was an incredibly realistic dream. It was an understandable assumption, since he was still groggy and half-asleep with one foot still in the doorway between reality and dreamland after all.

This combination made her start to writhe. He sucked deep as he thrust two fingers at once deep into her. Cho screamed out Harry's name as she came after a minute of this. This was beyond anything she could imagine, far more powerful than her fumblings with her own fingers.

Harry Potter Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang

This was heaven, courtesy of the boy who loved her. She fell forward into his arms, body slipping from his mouth and fingers to lean on his shoulder. They simply held each other for a while, while their energy was slowly recovered. With that, she began to rub her soft hips against Harry's erection. He returned her kisses fervently, his hands moving down her smooth sides to her hips. Steadying herself, Cho grabbed Harry's hips and rubbed herself against him. He bucked his hips involuntarily, finally making contact with her clitoris.

She gd as he thrust slowly into her, her folds peeling back his foreskin oh-so-slowly. As he thrust rhythmically into her, he squeezed and caressed her perfect buttocks. She gd and moaned at the double assault, and frantically humped him. She could feel a sharp pain, but was too absorbed to care. The intensity rose, the motions becoming more and more furious and impassioned.

Cho's legs wrapped around his body, Harry rubbed his face into her hair and neck, gasping and moaning into her neck. The muscles of her vagina closed on his penis as she screamed, milking it. Harry could take no more and came screaming her name. Cho screamed in turn as he sank his nails into her buttocks and his teeth into her shoulder in his mindless frenzy.

It was too much for her, now; it was Cho's turn to scream as she climaxed in Harry's arms. The water dissolved the liquid that drenched the teenagers' groins was nonetheless warmed from the activity. Harry removed his hands and his mouth, murmuring an apology and caressing the red marks on her skin. I loved it" Cho assured him with a kiss on the cheek. They kissed again. There was another long time as they recovered themselves. With a grunt, he moved himself to sit on the edge, his legs the only portion of him in the water.

It was only after Cho gd that he noticed she could see his member. He blushed as he looked down. Average length, average thickness, average everything. Harry was lost in thought when Cho silently swam between his knees. It was only her grasping him for the second time that hour that woke him. She drew closer, unable to tear her eyes away. Harry shuddered as he felt her breath course over his prick. Just seeing her like this aroused him, and Cho stroked him into hardness.

Playfully, she kissed it, enjoying Harry's reaction. She flicked her tongue down and around, tasting him, freshly soaked with soapy water. The slightly soapy aftertaste nearly discouraged her, but his writhing was too much to resist. She slowly took him into her mouth, taking more and more. It felt so good, that Cho couldn't help but lightly suck.

Harry's moan made her even more hungry, and her suction increased as she coiled her tongue around him. She could feel his thighs tighten under her wandering hands. Harry struggled not to come in her mouth, trying not to end this wonderful moment.

It was heaven, just feeling her mouth. It got even better when she slipped her hands to his arse to caress and massage, while the tip of her tongue reached his testicles from her taking more of him in. Even if Harry wanted to, he couldn't have stopped Cho's tight grip of her mouth and hands. Fortunately, he didn't want to pull her off, instead running his hands through her silky hair. Cho knew Harry could only last a few seconds, and thought about simply holding on or backing off for his impending orgasm.

She was caught in mid-debate by Harry coming then and there.

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He moaned and wailed as he pumped into her mouth. Cho nearly choked on the semen, swallowing some of the milky but salty fluid and eventually drew back when Harry was finished.

Harry's ecstasy was cut short by Cho's coughing spasm. He slapped her on the back to help, held her as she shudderedand weakly lay her down on the floor next to him. I guess I got carried away" she explained while coughing. Obligingly, Harry put his mouth over hers. As he kissed her deeply, he could taste his own essence on her tongue and in her cheek. It was weird, but the fact that he had actually received oral sex from Cho Chang made him relish each drop.

He kneaded her breasts, thoughtlessly. Cho moaned at the action but broke off when he got too rough. If he didn't love her so much, he would have told her no. The gleam in her eyes was too much for him, and Harry began to suck his way down her body. Teasing her, Harry started with Cho's ears. He moved down to suck on her neck tenderly, shuddering when she rubbed his chest and tweaked his nipples teasingly. Getting the hint, his mouth once more closed on one of her breasts, sucking hungrily.

He couldn't decide what was better; her luscious body, or the moans and whimpers that burst from her lips. He gave each nipple a goodbye lick before moving down.

A lick to the navel, a nuzzle to her pubic hair; Harry slowly worked his way down. Cho's legs sprang open for him as he nuzzled her thighs. He could feel the heat moving from her clitoris as he drew nearer. He gave it an exploratory lick. That's brilliant, mate. How'd you fix it? It was broken when you got it; hasn't worked a tick in the past six years," Ron raised an eyebrow. Wait a tick. The power he knows not. The key to my heart.

Was love the key? Despite being in clear view of everyone, he spun the dial back one hour as a tentative test run. But the question that nagged at him, however, was why he was even bothering to try at all.

Wasn't he happy here? She really hoped that he wasn't regretting the love that they had shared earlier that day. Her eyes momentarily grew wide. Roommates aren't around? His room? She wondered if he was implying what she thought he was implying. She definitely wouldn't object to sex, she actually kind of wanted to do it with him, but she wasn't sure she was ready yet.

When he had locked the door, he led her over to his bed to sit down. Then, seeing her tremble slightly, he blinked in confusion until it dawned on him. I won't do anything you're not ready for, okay? He then held up Hogwarts, A History. I only arrived here just this morning. The Harry you knew yesterday is not me. He then desperately tried to think of a way to prove it to her.

A Hermione from the previous world I visited told me about it. She seemed a little startled at that. Indeed, not many people actually knew that she was adopted. But, still, it wasn't definite solid proof. Perhaps he had looked it up in public records. Seeing that she was still unconvinced, he wondered if his magical core was still intact. He didn't have a wand though, so he tried to recall any spells that he had ever managed to successfully cast wandlessly. Perhaps the maniacally power-obsessed Ravenclaw Harry had some success in that area.

Her eyes flew wide open in shock when Ron's portable audio cassette player and headphones flew off his desk and into Harry's awaiting hands. The Ravenclaw Harry was a bloody genius, an obsessed maniac hell-bent on revenge, sure, but still a genius nonetheless. What else could he do wandlessly? Hermione's eyes danced in wonderment as a flash of beautiful bluebell flames burst with life above Harry's open palm. She nodded her head like a bobblehead doll. For example, as a wizard, I've never studied trigonometry, but now I somehow know it," he explained.

He used a flagrate spell to draw out a fiery triangle in the air with his fingertip, just like how the diary-bound Tom Riddle had once before, and then solved for the length of one arm using the tangent of an angle. I think it was because someone went back in time to change the past and thus changing reality, but now I don't think that's the case I'm happy here with you," he admitted with a smile as he pulled her into a gentle kiss.

But if I'm here, then I'm the only one who can defeat Voldemort I can't really do anything about it if I'm stuck here He then gently pushed her down on the bed and kissed her with an expertise that he could only tribute to the Ravenclaw Harry's experience with Cho.

But he didn't want that. Hermione wasn't Cho. So he pushed Ravenclaw Harry out of his mind and set out to find out for himself what made Hermione happy. He seemed to find it when she arched her back in pleasure and moaned his name when he nibbled and blew into her ear.

So he whispered her name into her sensitive ear, causing her to shudder again in delight. His hands also roamed her body, trying to find what else would cause her to call out for him, but he made sure to avoid any sensitive areas that she might not be ready for.

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So, when she softly whispered, " Touch me ," he wasn't sure if he had just imagined it or not. He allowed his hand to tentatively cup her left breast over her clothes, and when she didn't resist, he continued his ministrations.

He then gradually proceeded at a slow pace by removing her bra but still remained on top of her clothing.

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He could feel the sensitive nub of her nipple over the fabric of her shirt, and even a light flick made her gasp in bliss.

Then, when he felt that she was comfortable enough for the next step, his hands snaked underneath her shirt to feel the smoothness of her skin. The warmth of her breasts felt wonderful in his hands.

He then gently rolled one of her nipples between his fingertips, causing her to shudder again in pleasure.

When she finally gathered the courage to make some moves of her own by removing his top, he also reached for the bottom hem of her shirt. But she stopped him, shaking her head in embarrassment as she nodded at the light switch by the door.

He nodded and, with a wandless gesture of his hand, the light switch flicked downwards, killing the lights. He then rolled over so that she was now on top of him, straddling his hips, to allow her to take off her shirt. But, then, in the cleavage between her breasts, he noticed a glint of light.

She was wearing a silver necklace with a pendant shaped like a key hanging from it. It was the key. You can't go back! He grimaced slightly as he popped open the caseback of his watch and realized that the key around Hermione's neck was the perfect fit.

I can't leave all those people back in my world to die at Voldemort's hands I could never live with myself You deserve to be happy! You can be selfish just this once! The Harry of this world deserves to be happy too. Her shoulders slumped as she reached for her necklace with trembling hands. He then put her shirt back on, giving her another kiss when it cleared her head, before wandlessly turning the light switch back on. He then slowly inserted the key into the set-gear.

Turning it, however, he found that now he could adjust the date as well as the time, which was something he could never do before. His first impulse was to set the date to October of to be able to see his parents, but he knew he had bigger priorities to attend to first. She hesitated in answering, still not wanting him to leave.

September 19, He nodded as he set the date. Then, before activating the Time-Turner, he gave Hermione one last kiss. The last thing he saw before getting sucked into a temporal vortex was Hermione's sad smile, tears freely streaming down her face, as she vigorously waved goodbye. And he realized that, no matter which world he visited, Hermione had always had his back, that she had always loved him. This trip through time wasn't as instantaneous as all of his previous trips.

Though, of course, the furthest he had ever traveled before had only been eleven and a half hours. This time he was traveling back nearly twelve years.

It was like he was flying through a spiraling vortex and a mind-numbing speed. Harry woke up the next morning with his head throbbing. Wincing, he looked around and saw that he was in his bedroom at the Dursleys. Checking the calendar, he realized that it was still June of He had once again travelled laterally in time to another world instead of back in time as he had wanted.

He was grateful that the pain in his head was quickly subsiding as he got dressed. He was too distracted to notice that he actually had fashionable clothes for once. On his desk, he saw some of his old schoolwork from what was supposedly the previous term. A Chemistry assignment from Stonewall High. So in this world, Vernon had managed to get him to go to Stonewall after all.

Did that mean that Hogwarts didn't exist in this world? Then that got him wondering if this was the real world. No magic. No quirky boarding school called Hogwarts. Just entirely ordinary. He still seemed to retain his magical core though as he tested it out by conjuring some bluebell flames. He still had the wristwatch as well, but not the key.

Perhaps the Hermione of this world had the key again. Awake so early on your first day of summer holidays? Then he realized that he wasn't a freak in this world.

Chang from next door was wondering if you could spend some time with Cho. Poor girl seems really lonely and could use a friend," Petunia said.

You should try to get to know her. She is quite pretty, you know. Quiet girl? The only part that seemed even remotely accurate was that she was pretty. Harry blinked in confusion. Do the names Ron or Hermione ring any bells? Or Luna? So Luna and Cho live nearby. Was this some kind of Ravenclaw neighborhood or something? After finishing his breakfast, he went outside and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw Michael Corner and Roger Davies kicking a football back and forth a little ways down the street.

A little nervous, he made his way next door to what was supposedly the Chang residence. The door opened revealing a lady that must've been Cho's mother. And when Cho came out to greet him, he was surprised that she was wearing glasses. Behind the lenses were the most emotionless and impassive eyes he had ever seen.

And with that, she grabbed his sleeve and dragged him down the street to the park where she sat down on an empty bench. About this? He then shook his head as he gathered his bearings. Who are you? They're also all humanoid interfaces or something?

She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, they were sparkling brightly as she took off her glasses and smiled at him. How is that any different? It came into existence approximately six years ago on September 19, ," she explained, placing a hand over his to calm him. And so has everyone who has been bound inside this Reality Marble," she explained. It's just Muggle life through and through?

Though, he had been jumping from world to world for the past few days, so he was open to anything at this point. I have no data of anything that is beyond the Reality Marble.

I have no data of anything previous to September 19, For all intents and purposes, this universe came into existence approximately six years ago. She laughed as she gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush. As to why, I do not know.

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As I said, I have no data of what is beyond the Reality Marble. Is she An Integrated Data Entity? You are, however, a time traveler, so you should be able to jump to September 20, using the key, and then double-jump back eleven hours from there using the Time-Turner's regular function. On September 19,the Reality Marble will be created though and you will be trapped inside of it once again. But, outside of the Reality Marble I sure don't, but it's worth a try.

We've all spent the last six years in here, haven't we? If Hermione created it, she must have created it for a reason, right? That is why she is trying to modify it There are six others like you, but only one of them is even sentient, most are inanimate objects," she explained. It would be difficult to use words to describe what I am to you. Your reality was the original state of the Reality Marble. The reality in which Neville received the scar was merely an overwrite of your original reality," she said.

You are Hermione's Chosen One. Harry slumped back on the park bench, trying to take all this new information in. Why should I destroy it? Cho gave him a gentle smile. She can control the Reality Marble from the outside Cho Chang can be your perfect girlfriend Harry's blood turned cold. Hermione was there in the previous world that I was in Harry found himself outside of an orphanage in Little Esher on September 19, His Time-Turner could travel through time either by hand-winding using the crown for a maximum jump of eleven hours and fifty-nine minutes or by key-winding for an indefinite jump.

So, just as Cho had suggested, he had jumped to September 20, using the key, a few hours after the creation of the Reality Marble, and then made a subsequent jump from there using the crown. Once outside the Reality Marble, he had made a third jump using the key to He knew that he was six years too early for the creation of the Reality Marble, but this point in time was the only time where he knew he would be able to catch a time-traveling Hermione.

So he waited for her to show up. And, in the meantime, he found little Hermione to be the cutest five-year-old he had ever seen. Not wanting to be accused of being a stalker, however, he walked into the orphanage and had volunteered to help out for the day. Then, playfully ruffling her hair, he handed her a teddy bear that he had bought on the way there.

I know you'll like her. I got another birthday present! Harry smiled as the older Hermione pulled the younger Hermione into a hug before inspecting the teddy bear. Even if she was taking care of her younger self, it looked like she would make a great parent, or at least a great older sister. She was doting on the younger Hermione so much that she didn't even notice him.

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He's really nice! He's cute too! You'll like him! C'mon, I want you to meet him! Hermione nodded and then knelt down to little Hermione. Once they were outside and a good distance from anyone else, he turned to her and took her hands into his own. After I found out how far back your Time-Turner could go I realized that the Jane from my memories was actually me I was supposed to have gone back, so I did," she shrugged. She paused for a moment as that realization dawned on her.

Her shoulders slumped as a bitter smile fell upon her face. Is that what they're calling it? Books were my only friends Hogwarts, A History was my favorite I always dreamt of it being real, a place where I could finally belong I need to give my past self Hogwarts, A History for that to happen I'll do it right this time!

I'll fix it! I'll create one without Voldemort! You can be happyHarry! He chuckled a little as he pulled her into a hug. Several in fact. Hermione did her best to create the perfect reality for me. I wanted to make Cho Chang the perfect girlfriend for you. And, and, and I wanted to give you a break from the spotlight of being the Boy Who Lived!

And if that wasn't enough, I was going to try just erasing Voldemort or erasing magic altogether! But you disappeared I was hoping you wouldn't give little ol' me a second thought with someone as perfect as Cho to be your girlfriend She laughed a little as she gave his hand an affectionate squeeze. Not that perfect Cho Chang you created for me. I mean, y-yes! I mean, I do, I do love you, Harry," she sputtered.

I wanted to make you happy I'm fine with an imperfect world as long as you're in it I'm fine with any world as long as you're in it Even outside of the Reality Marble, I promise I'll find you, okay?

She's getting adopted today by the Grangers, right? I don't think she'll be happy if Jane disappears without even saying goodbye. When they made their way back inside the orphanage building, they found little Hermione waiting for them expectantly. Hermione looked up from her novel to see a handsome raven-haired boy who was about her age with striking green eyes gesture towards the seat across from her in her train compartment.

She then couldn't help but feel an odd sense of familiarity with this boy. She tilted her head to one side out of curiosity. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. After Harry nicks a Time-Turner in order to save Sirius, reality starts shifting around him. So Harry, being the only one aware of it, sets out to find out what went wrong Author's notes: Rated-M Harry Potter woke up that morning to the most wonderful feeling of a beautifully naked Cho Chang performing fellatio on him.

What the hell? Wake up! Argh, now's not the time for that! Damn it, Ron, wake up! Luna's breasts aren't fake Not fake! You've always been a Ravenclaw. But, if not Dumbledore, then who could he turn to? Luna tilted her head to one side. What does Neville have to do with anything? I understand, sir. Thank you, sir. This Cho Chang really did love him. Already healed," Harry assured with a smile. Hermione's hand instantly reached for her wand.

And what happened to my Harry? Harry groaned and buried his head in hands when he realized that she was right. Ignorance is bliss and all that? You still need to go back to your world," she scowled. You'll understand when you get there," he chuckled. What are you doing here? What are you talking about?

There's nothing else that stands out at all? You are Harry. Just Harry. Wasn't that who he had always wanted to be?

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Just Harry? I need to go talk to Cho, so I'll see you guys around? A range of emotions passed over Cho's face, from shock to shame. I'm sorry How's that for a magical function? I'm back I'm really back. Are you okay?

Ron and Hermione BTS Kiss / HP Wizards Collection

Please talk to me," Hermione cried worriedly. You're hurting me! Harry couldn't help but let out a sigh. Good day. Cho," he greeted cautiously. Hogwarts, A History. Bloody hell. Harry's eyes shot wide open as he stared at it dumbly. She nodded, her eyes watering with tears. I'm a time traveler.

It did sound crazy. No dark lords here. You'll stay, right? I want to make you happy, Harry He shook his head.

I love you. And then he slammed into an invisible wall. In a daze, all he could do before blacking out was check the Time-Turner's date display. September 19,Hermione's eleventh birthday. He tentatively made his way downstairs and found his aunt making breakfast in the kitchen. Harry almost choked on his orange juice. His neighbor? Why was it always Cho? You mean the sweet blonde girl who lives at the end of the block?

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Is Cho available? Chang smiled, heading back inside. Is there something you need to talk to me about? You are aware of this. What does that mean? Why trap us inside of it? I can't do that. She also mentioned that she had never been able to stun anything before Harry taught her and commented that he was a good teacher.

Cho initiated a kiss with Harry under some mistletoe shortly before Christmas after a D. However, she soon ended up in tears, confused and guilty because of her conflicting feelings for Harry and Cedric.

This kiss was something that Harry did not enjoy much and described as being "wet", because of all the tears and a repeat kiss did not happen. Despite this, she and Harry went on a date in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day where the couple sent their time at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. The tea shop made Harry uncomfortable, as it reminded him of Umbridge's too pink office. Cho's continuing grief over Cedric's death, her ill-founded jealousy over Harry's friendship with Hermione Granger who, ironically, tried to advise Harry on how to handle girlsand Harry's overall inexperience with girls soured the experience.

Cho became jealous when Harry mentioned his plans to meet Hermione later in the day, and she tried to gauge Harry's feelings for her by mentioning that Roger Davies had asked her out, but this only bewildered Harry. She ended up in tears after Harry refused to discuss Cedric's death with her. Later in the year, Cho's friend Marietta betrayed the D. The hex made purple pustules spell "SNEAK" across her face that could not be removed, something Cho considered a "horrible trick".

When Harry scorned Marietta for the betrayal and Cho defended her, their relationship went downhill. Harry and Cho had almost no interaction for the rest of the year; according to Harry, they simply "fell apart," too embarrassed to even look at one another. Cho did not participate in the battle that took place inside the castle after Death Eaters successfully infiltrated the Hogwarts, as she did not keep her D. Cho was also present in the courtyard after Albus Dumbledore died.

She and the rest of the students raised their wands as a farewell to their former headmaster. It is possible that Cho attended Dumbledore's funeral with her parents, seeing as she was a Dumbledore supporter and was most likely saddened by his death.

Cho demonstrated her loyalty by reuniting with other members of Dumbledore's Army to join the final battle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters when they attacked Hogwarts.

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She appeared amicable and friendly with Harry, offering to lead him to the Ravenclaw Common Room in search of Rowena Ravenclaw 's diadem. Cho was described to be an extremely pretty girl with long, shiny dark hair, a freckled nose, and being a head shorter than Harry Potter. For her date with Harry, she tied her hair back into a ponytail, to which he described as very pretty. Because of her beauty, she attracted a considerable amount of male attention during her Hogwarts years, most notably: Cedric DiggoryRoger DaviesMichael Cornerand of course Harry.

Generally polite, sweet, and well-mannered, Cho was easy to get along with and was a popular student at Hogwarts, with a large group of friends and many boys who admired her for her extreme beauty including Harry Potter himself. Having been sorted into Ravenclaw HouseCho was presumably intelligent, enforced by her mastery of all defence magic that Harry taught her, including the Patronus Charm, though she did admit that she was unable to stun anything before Harry taught her.

She was also an avid Quidditch fan having supported the Tutshill Tornados since she was six years old and a good athlete, playing Seeker for her House's team. She was also loyal and brave, having been loyal to the Tutshill Tornados for many years as opposed to jumping the bandwagon, joining Dumbledore's Army in defiance with the Ministry both out of support of Harry and in order to avenge the death of her late boyfriend Cedricsticking up for her friend Marietta when the rest of the group ousted her for her treachery, and returning to Hogwarts in her seventh year in order to fight alongside her comrades and defend the school from Death Eaters.

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For the most part, Cho was often found around Hogwarts with a gaggle of girlfriends, though after one of her emotional breakdowns over Cedric's death, they apparently left her during her depression. Despite this, Cho was a very loyal person perhaps even to a fault ; when she and her friend Marietta Edgecombe joined Dumbledore's Army, she insisted on bringing her friend along even when her friend expressed disinterest and cynicism to the club's effects. Later, even though Marietta eventually sold out the DA to Umbridge and the Ministry of Magic, Cho stood by her and insisted to the accusatory Harry that Marietta was a "lovely person" who "just made a mistake.

During her grief, she was prone to many crying spells and a difficult control over her emotions, leading to a prying sort of aggression when she dated Harry to get the details of Cedric's death, and also the irrational jealousy and paranoia that ensued when Harry would bring up Hermione Granger for what Cho saw to be flippant insensitivity from Harry's end. Hermione, for her part, did not seem to blame Cho at all, understanding her grief and depression and stating that it had interfered with many cts of Cho's life, including Cho's grades and her position on the Quidditch team.

Later in life, she married a Muggle. Cho's corporeal swan Patronus. Cho's relationship with her parents was unknown, but it was revealed that, during the school yearboth her mother and father wanted her to stay on Dolores Umbridge 's good side. Though Cho went against their wishes by joining Dumbledore's Armyshe did send her mother a parcel for her birthday, showing affectionate care. Their relationship after the school year was unknown. Roger Daviesher ex-boyfriend. Some time during Cho's life, she dated a fellow Ravenclaw - Roger Davieswho also served as her Captain on their house's Quidditch team - but it didn't last long since he eventually got a new girlfriend while Cho moved on with either Cedric or Harry.

Davies asked Cho out sometime after Cedric's death, though Cho rejected him in favour for Harry; regardless, she used this to gauge Harry's feelings for her, and looked at Roger and his girlfriend as though they were setting a standard to which Cho expected Harry to live up. Cedric Diggoryher late boyfriend. The two subsequently began dating, and she was extremely taken with him.

Because Cho was the person Cedric would miss most, she served as his hostage during the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Cho was devastated when Cedric was murdered that June.

Katie Leung was born in Dundee, Scotland and began acting at the age of 16 in her first role as Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She is currently studying a BA acting course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is represented by the literary and talent agency Curtis Brown. Harry Potter woke up that morning to the most wonderful feeling of a beautifully naked Cho Chang performing fellatio on him. His first assumption was that it was an incredibly realistic dream. It was an understandable assumption, since he was still groggy and half-asleep with one foot still in the doorway between reality and dreamland after all. Harry potter cho chang naked X image and much more on

The following year was very difficult for her; in addition to missing Cedric, she was the subject of gossip regarding her burgeoning romance with Harry Potterthe only witness to Cedric's murder who was widely regarded as being either a liar or a nutter for claiming that Lord Voldemort had returned.

Cho's grief and depression led her to almost constantly crying and causing her Quidditch abilities to suffer. Given how, in spite of her genuinely intense grief, Cho managed to go on to date others, and eventually married a Muggle man after the Second Wizarding War, it can be said that she learned to move on from the pain of losing Cedric.

Harry Potterher ex-boyfriend. Harry Potter was drawn to Cho's good looks and developed a crush on her when she was in her fourth year, [6] and asked her to the Yule Ball in the next, though she had already agreed to attend with Cedric. In her sixth year, Cho began to return Harry's feelings, though she felt somewhat guilty for doing so, considering the recent murder of Cedric Diggory.

She joined Dumbledore's Army and became nervous whenever Harry was nearby, something Harry also exhibited. They shared a kiss under the mistletoe around Christmas, but this was spoiled by Cho beginning to cry, and Harry being at a loss for how to respond. The two went on a date in Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day, but Cho's feelings for Harry were confused because of her continuing grief over Cedric's death and Harry's discomfort with discussing it. She also became jealous of Harry's friendship with Hermione Grangerconvinced they had feelings for each-other, and in a moment of weakness and insecurity, ditched the date.

Harry, who was inexperienced with girls, found Cho's behaviour very confusing, especially when she tried to make him jealous and to gauge his feelings for her by mentioning that Roger Davies had asked her out, and ultimately leaving him in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop for the other customers to stare at him astonishingly. Unimpressed with her attitude and for souring his experience of a first date, Harry grew angry at her.

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