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As she looked at him she allowed herself a tantalizing peek between his thighs.

A light began to glow in her eyes as she was positive she could see the tip of his cock up inside her shorts. She strained here eyes and a soft gasp slipped out of her mouth as it really was his cock she could see!

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Her eyes blurred for a moment as a tingle rippled up and down her hot body. When her vision cleared she gazed at her son seeing the head of his cock clearly now.

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She wondered if Rick knew what she could see and if he had sat that way deliberately for her. He had his hands behind his head and his face was turned into the sun with his eyes close. But they weren't closed all the way he was peeking at his mother from half closed eyes and he knew where she was looking. April gazed at the head of her son's cock believing his eyes were closed. She looked openly with desire coming into her eyes.

She softly gd again as she saw his cock starting to swell. The head seemed to poke out a bit further until she saw every smooth bit of it. April felt a sensation between her thighs and she moved her hand back under the hot water to her pussy while gazing at the head of her son's cock and she began to rub her hand up and down her twat.

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April began to experience small but very pleasurable orgasms as she peered at Rick's cock. She could see one of his ball sacs there too and this increased her burning desire.

While under the water she slipped into her pussy and tried to hide a groan of delight.

After a few minutes she thought Rick had fallen asleep as he had often dozed while being out here and the way his st rose and fell April was sure he was sleeping. She wanted to get out of the tub for a while but as long as Rick was there she couldn't.

brilliant idea

She had not brought her robe out with her and her large towel was on the table next to him. She couldn't possibly get to it before he woke up.

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Suddenly with a silent giggle of wicked pleasure to herself April decided to take a chance even if her son wasn't sleeping it wouldn't matter if he saw her naked body it would make no difference. He was still almost a baby she thought even if his cock was almost hard he was still a baby to her.

Being as quiet as she could be to not splash any water April lifted herself out from the hot tub and from his half closed eyes rick got to see his mom's boobs. They were so full and tight and there was hardly any movement to them.

Her nipples were long and also as hard as bullets as she stood up and through is half closed eyes gazed at her flat stomach-then fixed upon hairless pussy. Reaching for the towel April turned her back to her son before she wrapped it about her.

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Rick saw his mother's shapely ass eks and the first word that came to his mind was "wow". Her ass was so cute and shapely that it made his balls tingle with excitement and his cock arch up into full hardness. He watd his mother wrap the towel around her naked body and walk to the house. Her legs were very long and smooth and they excited him very much.

Rick was young but he knew all about putting his cock into a girl's pussy. Like most boys he had learned about that in school and on the internet in the porn sites he frequently looked at.

He wondered what it would be like to have his cock inside his of his mom. In the house April felt tingly all over and had a warm glow about her. She had been naked and had been close enough for her son to touch her and for her son to touch him.

Literotica hot mom

And his cock, OMG! It had been almost hard she thought as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom. It was amazing to her that Rick's cock was so big. In her room she dropped her towel and faced the mirrored wall.

There was nothing about her that would prevent a man from making a pass. She was quite beautiful with large green eyes and very dark auburn hair.

You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Click here. nobigwillie. 4 Stories. 0 Followers. This is a true story, one that was very fun to write; it's about my friend's hot mom and me: Enjoy!! * Life long dream fulfilled when he has her. Friend preys on hot mom. Boy is torn between his longtime girlfriend and her sexy mom. Son has a BIG problem his mom lends a hand. Mrs. Jensen finds out about Chris and Mrs. Jensen. and other exciting erotic stories at! Mom, you are still very young, and you can act like it. I think you should get out there and start dating. And dress and act like the beautiful woman you are. Besides, you can get a better tan in a swimsuit this size." I hoped I was sounding convincing. Mom seemed a little skeptical as she held up the bikini and scanned the red fabric

Her body was still firm and tight with beautifully shaped tits, a small waist, flaring hips and athletic thighs. There certainly wasn't anything wrong with her ass that she noted as she twisted around and looked over her shoulder at it. Since the day was hot she selected a pair of very tight shorts and a sleeveless blouse to wear.

Going back downstairs she moved behind the wet bar and poured a drink.

April seldom drank but right now her nerves were giving her a difficult time. She could not rid herself of the image of her son's cock and the surprising size of it. Her pussy still had that deep burning desirable sensation as if she were about to have an orgasm.

It was a fantastic feeling that she had not felt for many months. Taking her drink with her she stepped out the sliding doors and back on the patio. Her son she saw was awake and sitting in the hot tub now. She sat in the chair he had occupied earlier and sipped her drink watching him. If only Rick was a year or two older.

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