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Women in Libya are women who were born in, who live in, or are from Libya. The roles and status of women had then become the subject of a great deal of discussion and legal action in Libya after the change of rule, as they have in many countries of the Middle East. Some observers suggested that the regime made efforts on behalf of female emancipation because it viewed women as an essential source of labour in an economy chronically starved for workers. They also postulated that the government was interested in expanding its political base, hoping to curry favour by championing female rights. Since independence, Libyan leaders have been committed to improving the condition of women. In the s, female emancipation was in large measure a matter of age.

The National Agency for the Prohibition In Persons NAPTIP had charged Suleiman, a resident of Kadawa Miltara Quarters in Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano, with one count of trafficking in persons. The Prosecution Counsel, Barrister Abdullahi Babale, told the court that the defendant on February 10 conspired with one Salele a Nigerien now at large and transferred 0 women from Edo and Lagos State to the Niger Republic through Babura border in Jigawa en route to Libya.

Barrister Babale added that the defendant deducted N5, each from the N50, paid per person by the sponsors in Libya and the Niger Republic as commission.

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He also noted that the offence contravened the provisions of Section 1 2 c of the Trafficking in Persons Prohibition Enforcement and Administration Act The Defence Counsel, Barr. Isa, pleaded for leniency on behalf of his client as a first time offender. We pray the court to temper justice with mercy according to section 2 of ACJA Singer, Grey DeLisle Reveals How Her Marriage Crashed After She Mistakenly Confessed To Her Husband That She ated On Him.

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Libya: 'Woman Who Claims Rape Is Now Free'

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News Why Police Is After Celebrant After Death Of Guests Fighting Over Girlfriend At Lagos Party. Then, on February 20 in Benghazi, protesters overwhelmed government forces and seized control of the eastern Libyan city.

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On the night of March 20, NATO bombs fell on Tripoli, destroying air defense installations: Abbazi stood in the street, ululating and chanting anti-Qaddafi slogans. Tipped off by a neighborhood informant, military intelligence came looking for her.

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They appeared at her house after midnight. They tried to get into the house, but I blocked them and fought them off. I knew that all of the guns were there and the flags. The troops fired in the air, drawing neighbors into the street, and then, inexplicably, abandoned their effort to arrest her.

TopNaija reports that a Federal High Court setting in Kano has sentenced a year-old man, Abubakar Suleiman, to two years imprisonment for trafficking 0 women to Libya. The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP), charged Suleiman, who resides in Kadawa Miltara Quarters of Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano, with one [ ] Young long-necked woman handweaving cloth in small fabric on Inle lake in Burma, Asia. Long-necked woman, Thailand, Chiang Mai city. March 08, Editorial. Karen long necked woman. Mae Hong Son, Thailand - 6th February Karen long necked woman sewing Suleiman A Nigerian man has been sent to prison by a Federal High Court sitting in Kano. The man identified as year-old Abubakar Suleiman was sentenced to two years imprisonment without an option of fine for trafficking 0 women to Libya. In her ruling on Thursday, March 25, the presiding judge, [ ]

I had learned of Bredan from Libyan acquaintances and was told she was working as a part-time volunteer at the Maitiga Hospital, a single-story compound set on a former army base.

The hospital and adjacent airport and army barracks had been the scene of fighting during the battle for Tripoli. Sitting on a cot in a bare, sunlit hospital room, Bredan, a statuesque, dark-eyed woman wearing a brown hijab and a traditional gown known as an abayatold me that she had seen her ambitions destroyed by the dictatorship years earlier.

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As a teenager, she never hid her contempt for Qaddafi or his Green Booka turgid ideological tract published during the s. The Green Book was compulsory reading for schoolchildren; extracts were broadcast every day on television and radio. Bredan, an excellent student, dreamed of becoming a surgeon. Most of all, she yearned to work in a hospital, to help the sick and dying.

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Then the war broke out. Misrata was the hardest-hit city during the Libyan civil war. Shukri had taken part in the battle of Misrata, which withstood a siege that some have compared to the Battle of Stalingrad.

In February, government forces surrounded Misrata with tanks, sealing off the entrances and pummeling the city offor three months with mortars, Grad rockets and heavy machine guns; food and water ran short. The rebels had shipped weapons in by sea from Benghazi and, with the help of precision NATO bombing on Qaddafi positions, retook the city in June.

In a dimly lit classroom, I first met year-old Asma Gargoum. Slight and energetic, she spoke fluent English.

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On February 20, the day violent clashes erupted in Misrata between government forces and demonstrators, Gargoum told me, she had driven back from her job at the tile factory, two miles from Misrata, and gone out to get groceries when she was stopped by the police. She hurried home, logged onto Facebook and Twitter, and prepared for the worst. During the lull that usually lasted from 6 to 9 each morning, when the exhausted fighters went home to eat and sleep, Gargoum crept up to the rooftop of her house overlooking ruined Tripoli Street-the center of the standoff between rebels and government forces-and scanned the city, pinpointing troop movements.

She spent hours on her computer every morning, chatting with friends and former classmates across Misrata. Sometimes she posed online as a Qaddafi supporter, to elicit responses from friends who likely opposed the rebels.

"Even if women are not part of the fights in Libya, we should be part of the solution," was the clear message from WILPF's partners Dr Rida Al-Tubuly and Aisha Al-Tubuly during the side event 'You are missing the full picture,' which took place on 25 September

On April 20, a mortar scored a direct hit on a pickup truck carrying her year-old brother and six other rebels on Tripoli Street. All were killed instantly. The war photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were both mortally wounded by another mortar blast around the same time in Misrata.

In Tripoli, Dalla Abbazi joined two of her brothers in a dangerous sme to smuggle weapons into the city from Tunisia-an operation that, if exposed, could have gotten them all executed.

Her older brother Talat used the money to purchase two dozen AKs and a ca of Belgian FN FAL rifles in Tunisia, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. He sewed the arms into sofa cushions, packed them into a car and drove across a border ckpoint held by rebels.

Salim in turn smuggled the weapons and ammunition past a ckpoint that led into Tripoli.

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She and other family members assembled pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails in a primitive lab on the second floor of her home. As Tripoli was falling to the rebels, Fatima Bredan, the would-be doctor, finally had the opportunity she had been dreaming of for years. On August 20, revolutionaries in the capital, supported by NATO, laund an uprising that they code-named Operation Mermaid Dawn. NATO warplanes bombed government targets.

Following a night of heavy fighting, rebels controlled most of the city.

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He guided his sister past sniper fire to a house in a back alley, where she worked for the next 24 hours without sleep, dressing the bullet wounds of injured fighters.

The next morning, she moved to Maitiga Hospital-the government compound that had just been liberated. More than people filled rooms and spilled into corridors: an old man whose legs had been blown off by a rocket-propelled grenade, a young fighter shot through the forehead. For days, as rebels cleared out the last resistance in Tripoli, Bredan joined surgeons on rounds.

One morning rebels carried in a comrade bleeding heavily from a bullet wound to his femoral artery. As his life oozed away, Bredan looked on helplessly.

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Today, in Sidi khalifa, Abbazi has turned her house into a shrine to the fighters who fell in the battle for Tripoli. She disappears into a storeroom inside the house and emerges carrying bandoleers of bullets, a live RPG round and a defused pipe bomb, leftovers from the war. In September, she began raising money and food for displaced people.

With other women in the neighborhood, she hopes to set up a charity for families of war dead and missing. Fatima Bredan will soon cease her volunteer work at Maitiga Hospital, a far calmer place now than during the battle for Tripoli, and return to her job as an Arabic tear.

Bredan stops at the bedside of a former rebel crippled by two bullets that shattered his femur. Despite their wartime achievements, most of the women I interviewed believe that the battle for equality has barely begun. They face tremendous obstacles, including a deep-seated resistance to change commonplace among Libyan men. Yet all the women I interviewed insisted there will be no going back.

Women are initiating projects now that before they could not dream of doing.

  "Women want what is due to them," says Radio Libya's Ghandour. I met Fathy in the lobby of the seafront Radisson Blu Hotel in Tripoli one month after the end of the nhosabsafaris.com: Joshua Hammer Africa Libyan women lose hope in the revolution. The civil war that brought down Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi allowed the country's women to carve out nis for themselves in public life   From her perch in Tripoli fronting the Mediterranean, the naked woman and her gazelle have been silent witnesses to much of Libya's past century: colonialism, monarchy, dictatorship and post

In Misrata, Asma Gargoum now works as national projects coordinator for a Danish development group that administers a training program for tears working with children traumatized by war. Her house has been damaged, her brother lies buried in a local cemetery.

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Tripoli Street, once the vibrant main thoroughfare, is an apocalyptic wasteland. Yet schools and shops have reopened; thousands of displaced residents have returned. Perhaps the most heartening change, she says, is the ascendance of female power.

Misrata now boasts a half-dozen aid and development groups run by women, who have channeled organizational skills honed during the three-month siege into rebuilding post-Qaddafi Libya.

In concert with women across the country, Gargoum wants to see more women in the new government and enactment of legislation that would protect women from violence, as well as guarantee them access to justice, health care and psychological support.

She, like many others, is prepared to fight for those rights. Joshua Hammer is based in Berlin.

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Photographer Michael Christopher Brown travels on assignment from New York City. Continue or Give a Gift.

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Women in Libya are women who were born in, who live in, or are from Libya Society under the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The roles and status of women had then become the subject of a great deal of discussion and legal action in Libya after the change of rule, as they have in many countries of the Maternal mortality (per ,): 58 Find the perfect Libya Women stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Libya Women of the highest quality 2 days ago  A Federal High Court in Kano, has sentenced a year-old man, Abubakar Suleiman, to two years imprisonment for trafficking 0 women to Libya. The National Agency for the Prohibition of

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