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Ino is the only child of Inoichi Yamanaka and was a popular student during her time in the Academy. There, she met Sakura Haruno , who was teased by other kids for her large forehead. Ino defended Sakura from the bullies and encouraged her to embrace her forehead rather than hide it, becoming good friends with her. Over the following years, Ino's guidance and friendship helped Sakura become more confident and develop into her own person. However, when Sakura found out that they had a crush on the same boy, Sasuke Uchiha , Sakura approached Ino, telling her of her liking towards Sasuke. Sakura then took it to end their friendship, starting their dislike towards each other in the beginning of the series. From a young age, Ino has been confident, bold, and outspoken girl who had a mild-temper and occasionally lashed out at others if their personal habits bothered her.

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The boy before her was wearing a simple white t-shirt, tight against his frame and a pair of blue shorts.

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If Ino was feeling objective she would say he was actually quite hot, with the toned body and the blonde hair and blue eyes. However Ino had a particular dislike of some of Naruto's less legal extracurricular hobbies.

There was no way in hell she was giving her fellow blonde a free look down her top. She flushed angrily when he exaggerated looking around the shop. Naruto was a particularly good thief and regularly enjoyed relieving the villagers of their possessions. It was the only reason he could afford his pretty swanky apartment.

Smirking, Naruto grabbed Ino's finger and pushed it off his chest. Well if everyone knows, then the police are pretty damn slow in coming to arrest me. People knew he was a thief, they just didn't know where he stored the valuables he'd stolen, thus meaning no evidence. Giving him a scathing look, Ino crossed her arms and stared at him.

For whatever reason Naruto felt it was only right he visited the Hero's Memorial Stone. A large portion of the names there were put there because of the Kyuubi. The beast that was now his responsibility had killed all of those people. In turn it felt right that he Hell he wasn't all that sure himself. All he knew was that stealing the flowers he planned to put on a Memorial felt wrong somehow.

Wrong enough that he was actually willing to pay for them. Naruto wasn't quite sure if he'd paid for anything in years. Not particularly caring what Naruto wanted the flowers for, Ino quickly gathered up a bouquet of the flowers and rattled off a price for the boy. However when he reached for his pockets Ino was incensed when she saw a metal plate on a cloth poking from his other pocket. I can't believe you'd sink that low! All I'm doing is picking up some damn flowers. Stealing money or whatever is one thing, but stealing somebody's Hitaite because you failed the exam again is low!

Flicking her hair behind her, Ino snorted at Naruto's claim. I never thought you could be that big of a failure Naruto. Like she'd said, everyone knew that Naruto was a thief, he was just an unfortunately good one.

Still for some reason she couldn't help but feel kind of guilty for the hurt look he'd had in his eye as he left. She resolutely ignored the guilt and continued to read her magazine. If her Mother didn't let her go soon, she'd miss out on seeing Sasuke-kun!

Ino paused as a smug smile stretched across her face. That was what someone like Forehead-girl would say, whereas she can possess small unnoticeable animals, like cats.

Cats that Sasuke had a bit of a soft spot for, showing off that sweetness beneath the cool. Sighing blissfully at the thought of seeing Sasuke's caring side, Ino began to scheme for later.

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Pausing, he swiped at a tree angrily, knocking a fairly deep dent and ridding him of a portion of his anger. Taking one last breath, Naruto continued to walk. What had just happened was a prime example of why he held no particular like for any of the girls in his class.

Hinata was likely to be the only one that would have ever outright trusted his word at face value. And that knowledge was disheartening. One of the things that pissed him off was her self-righteous attitude regarding his stealing. For crying out loud they were Shinobi! They were expected to murder other human beings the moment they were ordered to! To get that outraged over him liberating a few valuables from people who didn't actually need them was stupid. Feeling the Hitaite in his pocket dig into his leg slightly, Naruto scowled.

He couldn't believe that Ino honestly thought so little of him that she'd accuse him of stealing a Hitaite. Sure if evidence was found for his other robberies he could potentially be imprisoned or fined, or even have his hands broken if they found some of the more valuable stuff, but even he wouldn't be so stupid as to steal a Hitaite. If you get caught with one without someone to vouch for your reason for possessing it, if it wasn't yours, then you were guaranteed prison time and potential execution depending on whose Hitaite you stole.

Calming down, Naruto finally arrived at the Memorial and lay down the bouquet of flowers he'd bought in front of it. For a moment he struggled to think of something to say, before settling on a simple promise. I swear.

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Inside his mind however, Naruto was planning to show Ino why you never, ever insulted a thief. Crossing through Konoha quickly, Naruto headed to one of the nastier parts of Konoha instead of heading for the nicer quarter where his apartment was. Before long he reached a decrepit apartment building that looked ready to fall down. The fact that it wouldn't and that he owned it was the only reason the eyesore hadn't been knocked down for some renewal project. Instead of heading for the front door, completely plastered with various danger signs, Naruto instead entered the building next door.

Naruto didn't even bother crouching down as he walked past the oblivious receptionist of the motel. Judging by the enlarged pupils and the mindless mumbling, the man had just pumped something or other into his veins.

Naruto walked up to the first floor and walked past the various rooms, ignoring the sounds of over the top moans and bed springs squeaking as he passed one of them.

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Just before reaching the end of the corridor, Naruto pulled out his lock-picks and quickly crouched in front of the last door on the right and inserted the picks. Seconds later there was a satisfying click as the lock popped open. Of course it became less satisfying when he reminded himself that he'd done this countless times before. Opening the door, Naruto jogged up the stairs and out onto the roof. He could have just leaped up using chakra, or even climbed the outside of the building.

But for whatever reason the moment people were able to use chakra they seemed to forget the meaning of subtlety.

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Walking to the edge of the roof, Naruto hopped across the small alleyway that separated the motel and decrepit apartment, onto the fire escape. Climbing up to the top floor, Naruto let himself in through an old window missing half it's glass.

Walking through the room, Naruto then entered the corridor. Looking up he spotted a familiar hole in the ceiling which he leapt through, putting himself in the supposedly unused loft of the building. The supposedly unused loft was very much in use. There were several chests containing a sizable horde of 'emergency money' that Naruto kept for a rainy day. There were numerous scrolls scattered throughout the room that would've sent the Council into a fit of epic proportions.

After all there were several blue-prints featuring their Clan compounds with small marks that showed guard patrol routes as well as the times where the guards would switch. That wasn't even taking into account the very detailed and accurate maps of several well to do Merchant homes and a map featuring the labyrinthine walkways through the Konoha sewers. Going down there unhosabsafaris.comepared was considered foolish given that several of the rodents that lived down there had gotten a hell of a boost in size because of the ambient chakra of Konoha.

And perhaps what would have sent them from that fit and straight into apocalyptic rage, was Naruto's collection that spanned several racks and a whole wall.

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Everything could be found there from a bejeweled mask to rubies as fat as his fist. Unfortunately such things were far too ostentatious and high value to sell. The moment he did there would be a manhunt for whoever sold it.

Didn't stop him from picking such things up though. The people who had them commissioned could obviously afford to lose them. Naruto spun around inhaling the smell of dust and old wood before sighing rapturously. This was where he felt most at home, not the upend apartment building he had bought but here. If he was a bat then this was his favored belfry.

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When he'd first started stealing because of the accusations of that baker so long ago, Naruto had found something that made him feel alive. The thrill of liberating objects of worth directly beneath their owners noses was exquisite in a way he couldn't even begin to describe. He had started to pick pockets not long after, after several failed attempts and fleet-footed escapes of course. Then next thing he knew he was lifting objects in stores at night, and then he was slowly mapping out clan compounds in the off-chance they might have something he wanted.

Sorting through the various scrolls, Naruto smiled victoriously as he uncovered the map for the Yamanaka clan home. A relatively small clan, the majority of their guards were actually just a rotating series of Chuunin hired from the village.

It was something that several clans did as in the end what they needed was to ensure that none of theirs got captured by rival villages. In the end nowadays only the Hyuuga were numerous enough that their compound could be patrolled solely by their own members. There was also no danger of a guard being captured, due to the fact that they were all Branch-house members.


Putting the Hyuuga out of his mind, Naruto instead began to carefully take in the details of the map. Reaching out Naruto absently plucked a pair of scissors up and snipped them idly.

Ino-chan could do with a haircut in his opinion. After all that ponytail would make for a tempting target in a fight. He'd be doing her a service. Were somebody to meet him in a dark alley all they'd be able to make out would be a pair of blue eyes. He'd just passed by an old pub quite popular with the Shinobi and he'd seen Inoichi along with Chouza and Shikaku ordering another round of drinks.

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Judging by the already sizable number of bottles on the table, they were going to be there for the long haul.

Continuing his walk through the shadier part of Konoha, Naruto turned into a side alley featuring an entrance to the sewers. As he was dressed now, if he was spotted in the vicinity of Yamanaka compound they'd make the very accurate logical leap that he was up to no good. He was wearing a simple long-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants, both made of a thick gray cloth.

While leather might offer a little more protection, it also had the unfortunate habit of squeaking noisily no matter how much you maintain it. The only leather he had on him was a series of slightly darker belts and bucklers that kept his shirt tight against him and held a backpack tight against his body. They also served to break up his image so he wouldn't be a great big splotch of gray in people's eyes.

He had made the stupid mistake of wearing pure black once during a burglary. All it had served to do was give him a distinctive silhouette that nearly got him caught. Naruto was brought out of his pondering when a rather large rat scurried across the walkway. He scowled. Recalling the map of the sewer, Naruto took a left turn at the next intersection and then a right, doing his best to stay in the middle of the walkway.

To one side you had the damp walls that felt far too moist if you were unfortunate to press against them, and then on the other you had a small channel filled with tainted water filled with waste and other things he didn't like thinking about. Paying a seamstress to stitch a scent-canceler into his mask that he could turn off and on, always became such a good investment when he was forced into a sewer. Finally he reached a ladder that should, if he remembered correctly, bring him up just a bit away from the compound.

While there were tunnels that lead directly into the various compounds, they also had the unfortunate tendency to be underwater, and rather pressured by the various pumps.

Putting it out of his mind, Naruto scaled the ladder and quickly reached into his bag to pull out a tool to unscrew the manhole cover.

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Pushing the cover up enough to see through a crack, Naruto quickly scanned the surroundings and was satisfied when he saw that the manhole was in an alley. Pushing the cover out of the way, Naruto climbed back out of the sewer and into the night, sliding the cover back onto the manhole the moment he was clear. Pausing at the entrance to the alley, Naruto strained his ears to make sure no curious people had heard him leaving the sewer. Determining he was in the clear, Naruto poked his head out of the alley and glanced around while making sure to check the roof's as well.

Spotting nobody he instead focused his attention on the high wall separating the Yamanaka compound from the rest of the district. Squinting he nodded affirmatively when he spotted several seals etched into the walls. Should he use chakra near the walls, they'd light up the compound like a giant burning candle, ruining his plans.

Naruto grinned wickedly. Shinobi got so used to the idea of being superior because of their chakra that they never seemed to bother with the more mundane thief detectors. Honestly a nightingale floor was far more likely to give him away than chakra usage.

Waiting patiently Naruto stared down at his watch. He had about an hour in which the guard would be people tired from a long shift, far more preferable to somebody coming in after a long rest. Finally a guard rounded the corner and walked past. Naruto took a deep breath and sprinted silently to the wall just as the guard rounded the other corner and out of sight. Jumping at the wall, Naruto planted a foot against it and kicked off of it thereby adding just enough extra height to his jump to grasp the top of the wall.

Hauling himself up and over, Naruto landed in a silent crouch and darted into a small set of bushes nearby. Moments later a Chuunin holding a long pole with a lit lantern on top walked past, hiding a yawn as he did so. Naruto smirked. His notes on the patrol routes were perfect it would seem. Sticking to the various routes he'd plotted out in his head, Naruto quickly came upon the main house, it's front entrance guarded by two Chuunin while another two patrolled around it.

I mean come on!

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He was let in last night too! I want to taste some of this tea and the snacks that everybody raves about. I mean nobody makes quite as good a cup as Yuka-sama and I never knew sandwiches could taste so good. Ain't fair that Kaito gets to have them two nights in a row. This was where the job would get iffy. While he could map out the compound of the Yamanaka, he hadn't been able to get a floor plan of the main house. He'd have to take it slow and hope. Letting the guard carry on, Naruto stopped beside a window and leapt up, catching himself on the edge of the sill with his fingers.

Pulling himself up, Naruto nearly had a heart attack when he saw that the room he'd chosen was the kitchen, only to realize that Yuka wasn't there. Writing it off as Kami's favor, Naruto pulled out a flat blade and worked open the latch holding the window closed. Pulling himself into the kitchen Naruto quickly shut the window and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the glow of a lantern appear outside the window.

He'd cut that a bit close. Glancing around the dark kitchen, Naruto held in a whistle. The Yamanaka clan-head had a nice ass house. Everything seemed to be an interesting blend of the older styles and the more modern, but overall it held a warm homeyness. Spotting two cups filled with tea and a platter of sandwiches, Naruto picked one up and had quick sip. He raised an eyebrow; those guards weren't wrong, that was a nice cup of tea. But where was she?

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The last thing he needed was to walk past a bathroom and get attacked. Staying low and being cautious, Naruto slowly worked his way through the house, picking up the odd thing that caught his fancy, from a shiny looking ashtray to a simple brass pocket-watch.

He wouldn't admit it, but he'd always wanted one of the little pocket clocks. Finally as Naruto approached the stairs, he simply began to walk normally albeit quietly.

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He hadn't seen a single guard inside, so Naruto could only assume they were restricted to patrolling the outside. He'd just have to keep on guard. The upstairs seemed to have fewer rooms with the majority of them being guest rooms for visitors.

Of course as he checked through them he found various little observation holes for spying on the visitors. Naruto approached one of the last bedrooms before the end of this particular corridor. Judging from the improved lock on the very last one he felt sure that it was the clan heads room. Putting it out of his mind Naruto entered yet another nondescript guest room, only this one actually had something on the walls. A simple painting of a grazing herd of the Nara deer, Naruto still found it suspicious.

Every other guest bedroom had been tasteful but utterly blank. Why was this the only one with a painting?

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Approaching the painting, he pressed his face to the wall beside it and scanned where the painting rested against the wall. Seeing that the painting was perfectly symmetrical to the wall, Naruto's eyes widened. Nobody does that in their home, they might find they don't like it. Smirking, Naruto pressed on the space between the seams and heard a satisfying click, as the painting swung open, revealing a hole in the wall. Poking his head in, Naruto quickly realized that it was a small crawl-space.

Climbing through the crawl-space, Naruto was careful not to nudge any piping or the walls themselves, as he carefully moved through the small space.

Hearing a breathy moan coming from up ahead, Naruto raised an eyebrow questioningly, before continuing on his way through the halls, hearing yet another moan that was much louder now. Spotting a thin sliver of light ahead, Naruto groped along it and with silent triumph slid the thin. What he saw inside sent a flush along his face quickly. Two words usually came to mind when someone thought of Yamanaka Yuka: Beautiful and Elegant.

When out and about she was usually seen in a classy teal dress with a small aquamarine gem beneath the collar that Inoichi apparently gave her. Her brown hair was usually up in a bun tied with a red ribbon and her pupil-less brown eyes were subtly made up.

What Naruto saw completely got rid of the feeling of elegance that he normally associated with her. Remembering the harsh words she'd had for him after he failed his graduation exam, Naruto slung his bag in front of him and quickly dug out the most expensive piece of kit he had.

A video recorder that could fit in the palm of his hand. Made with several complex pieces of Fuuinjutsu, it had cost him nearly two-times the average A-rank mission would cost.

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Pressing it against the slit, Naruto smirked down at the small viewer screen. Yuka's hair was currently pooled down her back while she bit into a pillow as a man still wearing his Chuunin vest and top pounded into her violently from behind.

Every thrust rocked the bed and caused small breathy noises to escape Yuka's mouth. Naruto zoomed in the view on Yuka's face, before sweeping it down her body to wear Keita was hammering in to her, until he pulled out and painted her back with his cum. Naruto made sure to keep the recording going as he watched Yuka get dressed, first pulling the cups of her bra back up over her moderate breasts and then sliding her panties back up to cover her pussy and the small strip of brown hair crowning it.

He watched as Keita eagerly asked the woman if they could do it again. Then something happened that Naruto didn't expect. She then pulled the man down for a kiss, only for her hands to suddenly abandon his hair to press on both sides of his head, her hands now glowing with chakra. Pulling back, her face was calm as she spoke. All we did was sit down and have some tea and some sandwiches while you rested.

Now return to your post. However it wasn't long before she crossed the room and went into a private bathroom from what Naruto could see. Most likely to wash away the trails of cum that were still trickling down her back. Snapping the viewer of his recorder shut, Naruto shook his head with a smile. He had come her to lift a few things and give Ino a free hair-cut, he hadn't expected to get such

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