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But in the aftermath, it attained a following of devoted fans hailing its brilliant storytelling and groundbreaking FX. It soon led to a total of four spin-off series and thirteen movies not to mention countless books and comics. It changed the game majorly, bringing fantastic science fiction drama and action along with terrific character growth and helping create the modern geek culture as we know it. There are a lot of things about Star Trek to admire like the FX, the characters and storylines and such. However, one of the more underestimated bits have been the ladies. It was rather groundbreaking for the original series to have a black woman among the cast and since then, the various shows have ensured we have a variety of very attractive women around. Having them in tight uniforms helps but we also get women of strength, power, intelligence and their own drive to impress you.

When Charles Evans did it to Janice Ran she told him to ask James T. Kirk to explain.

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TOS : " Charlie X ". When Melora Pazlar was having medical treatment to make her adjust to the higher levels of gravity than she was used to, it increased the activity in her motor cortexresulting in her neuromuscular tissue being stimulated and a sensation of her buttocks warming up.

DS9 : " Melora ". When Zek was visiting Deep Space 9 one time, he pind Kira Nerys on her behind. She tried to threaten to stick the brizeen nitrate he was planning to sell to Bajor up his behind lest he do it again, but was interrupted by Quark.

DS9 : " Rules of Acquisition ".

After roles in various short-lived and forgettable series, Visitor hit the big time in when she was cast as Major Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She became a huge fan favorite for the part, tough as hell in a fight but still amazingly sexy, including in various revealing dresses and even working her real-life pregnancy into the show well. After the series ended, Visitor had a

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Kira Nerys was a major, later colonel, in the Bajoran Militia, following years in the Bajoran Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation and a Starfleet commander for a brief period during She served as Bajoran liaison officer on Starfleet station Deep Space 9 and later assumed command of the station Fanvid about Major Kira Nerys, from Star Trek DS9. Music by Billy from Star Trek: Deep Space NineAll the materials belong to their legal owner. I I always thought that Kira Nerys was the sexiest, most beautiful female regular on DS9. There's just something about her that makes me a bit hot under the collar. Of course, her appearances as the MU Intendant Kira were especially good (been watching those eps a lot lately)

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T'Pol's back and upper buttocks " You ever noticed her bum? Categories :. Community content is available under CC-BY-NC unless otherwise noted. Fan Feed 0 Christopher Russell 1 Star Trek: The Next Generation 2 Star Trek: Discovery. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Kiara Advani Ass - Why her Butt (Gaand) Makes a Statement!

Here are 20 of the hottest ladies on the boob tube in that decade and how some deserve to be remembered a lot more today. Before Maggie Q, Wilson was cast in the title role of La Femme Nikitaa USA adaptation of the classic action series.

With her blonde locks, dazzling eyes and husky accent, the Aussie actress helped make the show a hit, mixing kick-ass fight scenes with very hot romantic stuff.

Wilson has turned out of most major stuff, a spread in Playboy among various indies like a lesbian drama and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Today, she runs her own lingerie label called Wylie Wilson with a store in Los Angeles, proving she still has a sexy side to herself under the covers.

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A goofy premise but it was a hit thanks to its lovely female cast with Trickey the best of the bunch as Cory, her shorts showing off nice legs and white top barely holding back a nice st. Out of uniform she was hotter in bikinis or less for various jobs and her dark hair standing out among the brighter castmates.

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She would later appear in The O. Intended as a vehicle for Pamela Anderson, V. had her starring as Valerie Irons, a Valley Girl who, through whacky circumstances, ends up becoming head of a bodyguard agency.

Culver played Tasha, the former KGB agent not happy about Val interfering, smooth and professional which just made her seem even hotter. Raitano was Nikki, the daughter of a mob family known for her tight halter tops and quick trigger finger. They helped the show be a success with various comedy and action antics and look amazing doing it. Anderson got the glory but these two are still incredibly sexy in their own right to be well remembered.

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With her alluring face, long dark hair and husky voice, Butler seemed tailor-made for stardom, aided by a very sexy body. She first popped up on the sci-fi series Mann and Machine as an android turned cop.

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She followed that with South Beach as a thief working a deal to become an FBI agent. Both series were short-lived but showed her sexy side off as she also worked in movies like Hard Target and Drop Zone as well as the police drama Brooklyn South.

Butler later played the lead in a TV version of the hit comic Witchblade but it was canceled as reports came of Butler showing up on set drunk.

In the years afterward, Butler has had run-ins with the law and rehab but seems ready to get back on track with some Syfy movies like Lake Placid vs Anaconda and while older, can hopefully still remind you of the fantastic sexy presence she once held. Law and later on ER. She played the vixen businesswoman on the groundbreaking series Profit and then a wicked queen on the cult Heath Ledger show Roar that showed herself off in gowns and baths.

Kira nerys hot ass

An accomplished singer, Zane has been releasing albums and spending a lot of time in Europe performing at nightclubs. She still possesses a fantastic cool side to remind you of the sexpot she played on TV so often and how the Zanes love to have wild fun.

Leick had wanted to get into acting for a young age and did a ten-episode stint on Melrose Place. From her leather outfit to the dark blonde hair to a face that looked gorgeous even when in an evil smirk, the character proved so popular that she was brought back time and again, even after being killed off.

Leick has mostly dropped out of acting, working at the Healing Heart Yoga Center in Los Angeles as a certified instructor. Born in London, Angel moved to Los Angeles to become a model, making her movie debut as a Soviet soldier showing off in underwear in the comedy Spies Like Us.

She seemed a bit lost amid the Hollywood machine, appearing in various TV shows, including a stint on Californication that proved she still has the funny sexy side after all these years to remain magical.

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Some joke that given how her film career turned out, Alicia Silverstone might have been better off reprising her role as r in the TV version of the classic comedy Clueless. After it ended, she moved onto 7 th Heaven and won acclaim for a role on the British Sitcom Peep Show and another TV adaptation, Fargo not to mention the infamous Snakes on a Plane movie.

A case of an actress on the TV version better than the original and far hotter in many ways. She was cast on the series Highlander as Amanda, a thousand-year old thief with a mischievous side whose first episode involved going around in fishnets and a tight dress.

As Deep Space Nine begins, Kira is a Bajoran who spent her life fighting off the Cardassians occupying her world. At first suspicious of the Federation, Kira became a good ally and Nana Visitor looked terrific in the role, sexy but with a great strength, kicking ass easily and taking no There are so many reasons to love Kira Nerys. This is one of them A "horse's ass" was crude slang for an impolite person. (ENT: "North Star "). When Zek was visiting Deep Space 9 one time, he pind Kira Nerys on her behind. She tried to threaten to stick the brizeen nitrate he was planning to sell to Bajor up his behind lest he do it again, but was interrupted by Quark. (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition") In , Ensign Bradward Boimler noticed that spider

It was supposed to be a one-off but fans loved it so much that Amanda was soon made a recurring character and a permanent one by the end of the show. The experience drove Gracen mostly out of the limelight sans a Playboy spread although she did appear in the cult sci-fi film Coherence to show her casting as Amanda was good as she barely seems to have aged as a hot beauty.

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The NBC series The Pretender had a good following with Michael T. Weiss as Jarod, a man escaping a sinister organization with the ability to take on any occupation. Parker played Ms.

Parker, the agent tasked with finding him and viewers loved her smooth black hair, rocking a business skirt and hot as hell despite her cold demeanor. After the show ended, Parker moved on to the sitcom Less Than Perfect to show a funnier edge but still sexy and has done arcs on Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars.

With her long blonde hair and killer build, she became a popular character on the series and it suffered a bit when she left after four seasons.

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She starred as jungle gal Sheenagiving her more time in a skimpy outfit and infinally agreed to a spread in Playboy for her fans. Nolin has mostly retired from acting but getting attention for a best-selling book talking about her struggles with a thyroid condition and various health charities, proving at 44 to be as sexy as ever and with an eye to helping women as well.

She also appeared in the goofy spin-off Baywatch Nights.

Sadly, she filed for bankruptcy in but one hopes she can bounce back with her bright style to keep making you smile.

The show failed but Luner was such a hit that she moved to play the even hotter and more sming Lexi on Melrose Place, going all out in revealing outfits and hot lines.

After the show ended, she starred on the last season of Profiler. She had a role in the short-lived cop drama and a familiar presence making movies for Lifetime. She joined All My Children in and stayed with the show until its end to prove she still had what it took to be a sexy vixen. After roles in various short-lived and forgettable series, Visitor hit the big time in when she was cast as Major Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Major Kira opens a major can of whoop-ass on Damar Popular actress Nana Visitor is most famous for her role of major Kira Nerys in a cult science-fiction series Star Trek Deep Space 9. In this role, Visitor wore tight Bajoran military uniform and in some episodes even less. That gave fans the opportunity to see her attractive body measurements. Nana weighed pounds and wore 4B bra size. ck out also measurements of Terry Farrell, Jeri Kira Nerys / ? k i? r ? n ? ? r i? s / is a fictional character in the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (-). She is played by actress Nana character is from the fictional planet Bajor, a world on the edge of space controlled by the United Federation of Planets, which has recently emerged from foreign occupation
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