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AT a CBS press party to talk up the network's shows a week ago Saturday, Kathryn Morris turned down innumerable platters of mini grilled-ese sandwis and chicken skewers, and endured roving media critics and enough fellow television detectives to investigate a gangland slaying should one have taken place that balmy evening at the Avalon club in Hollywood. Then, no sooner had she stepped onto the sidewalk, than she was beset by a chorus of autograph hounds.

Kathryn, pleeaase. Still new enough to celebrity to oblige, she plunged into the fray, signing photos of herself as Lilly Rush, the tough Philadelphia police investigator she portrays on ''Cold Case,'' the season's most popular new crime drama.

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With a gesture typical of Detective Rush, she brushed aside strands of highlighted-blond hair from her eyes. After small roles in ''As Good as It Gets'' and ''Minority Report,'' and scores of television appearances in ''Murder, She Wrote'' and ''Xena: Warrior Princess,'' among othersMs. Morris has moved to the top of the television heap with the success of ''Cold Case.

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She stars in the Renny Harlin film ''Mindhunters'' later this year. Slipping into a Town Car with her fiance, Randy Hamilton, Ms. Morris, 4, began talking about the next stop, the Hollywood Wax Museum.

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As a struggling actress in San Francisco, Ms. Morris, who was born in Dallas and grew up in Connecticut, collected tickets at the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf, so she wanted to find out how the Los Angeles version measured up. I love Lindsay Wagner. At the museum, Ms. Morris wandered through the hallways, providing a running commentary.

Back on Hollywood Boulevard, with its strets of sex shops and tumbledown hotels, Ms. Morris recalled Philadelphia, where ''Cold Case'' is taped. As part of her research for her role, riding along with a real police detective, she has seen a lot worse than Hollywood Boulevard. Once, she said, she arrived at an all-night Chinese restaurant at a.

And people were riding bikes through the crime scene.

Last ated: June 4, Jessica Alba is an on-screen character from the city of Pomona, California, United States of America. At the point when thirteen-years of age, Jessica Alba was presented in TV and motion pictures, through Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack, in the year At the point when Jessica [ ] - Katherine Morris was born on January 28 in in the role of Katherine Susan Morris, Katherine Morris is an American screen character who is best called her lead. the role of detective Lilly Rush in the series CBS Cold Case. The first role of Katherine Morris was a Kathryn Morris stars as Philadelphia homicide detective Lilly Rush, who investigates long-unsolved crimes, cold cases. In the pilot episode, Lilly investigates a case involving a teenage girl who was beaten to death on a tennis court during a party at a plush estate

While men dominated cop shows for years, women have finally gotten their due in the last several decades, including being the true headliners and that mix of smarts and sex appeal have led to some great ladies on screen.

Here are the 0 hottest female cops television has given us, from patrolwoman to detective to agent and proof of how we love a lady with a badge.

This USA series focused on the New Mexico office of the U. Marshalls assigned to protect federal witnesses.

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Mary McCormack played Mary Shannon, a marshal with a majorly sardonic side, often seeing the worst in people and expecting bad crap thanks to her job. She more than showed her hot side in the pilot episode hooking up with her ballplayer boyfriend and continued to do so throughout the show, even while handling her troublesome mother and sister.

Her sardonic side was tempered by helping witnesses who really deserved it and a later pregnancy but for the majority of the series, Mary was as hot as her Arizona setting and helped spark the show to make it easy to find. It sounds like the plot of a reality TV show: Agents of the DEA, FBI and Customs all living together in the same California beach house while doing undercover work.

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But the USA series has won some good popularity thanks to daring plots and tough characters, not to mention very hot sex appeal.

Serinda Swan provides the latter nicely as DEA agent Paige, hooking up with a fellow agent, not afraid to show her body off and even sleeping with the enemy if it means getting a case closed.

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She can fire a gun and land a punch nicely, put up with a beating herself and helping her fellow cops if need be. The first breakout smash hit for the fledgling Fox network, this drama is best known as the show that made Johnny Depp a star, one of several cops posing as high school students. Dame Helen Mirren is living proof how some women get sexier as they get older.

The first season of the Fox drama was good with a pair of male cops doing undercover work in New York. It got better in the second season with the addition of Lauren Velez as Nina, a Puerto Rican-American cop with all the sass and sex appeal that hints at.

She could handle tough undercover assignments as well that put her at risk but able to come out on top with the perps and could surprise her partners by glamming it up for after-hours partying.

Her relationship with a fellow office brought good emotional drive as she was ready to put herself on the line for the job but not be hampered by the politics that held women of race back. Making a character a former stripper is a great way to prove her sexiness.

A mainstay of the now-classic CBS procedural, Marg Helgenberger played Catherine as a stripper who made her way to become a top forensic cop, her beauty balanced by smarts and determination to get at the truth.

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The popularity of this CBS procedural was on the investigations into long-ago murders and the skill used in the flashbacks to the crime with music of the era. It was helped by Kathryn Morris as Lilly, the female cop of the Philadelphia police unit tracking down these old cases. With her lush blonde hair and sultry voice, Lilly was undeniably hot, even when clad in pantsuit and traenchoat, piecing together the stories and clues from so long ago to find the truth.

In interrogations, she could really turn up the heat, cool one minute, intense the next and dedicated to finding out the truth no matter what. She could get surprisingly steamy with some male lovers but that snowy look on the job was the key to her appeal and helped the series rise nicely as Lilly could bring heat to a case no matter how cold.

Kathryn morris ass

When you have the ability to remember just about everything you see, hear or read, it can be handy to be a cop. The CBS series has Poppy Montgomery in the main role as a woman with an incredible memory condition that helps her out on murder cases.

With a fantastic red hairdo helping set her apart, Carrie enjoys showing her brain off, reciting stuff no one else can recall and using her skills to crack crimes with her ex as her partner. You could see plenty of Rush Hour in this CBS series with martial arts star Sammo Hung as a Hong Kong cop working with the LAPD.

The cast had a lot of turnover but a reliable standout from the start was Kelly Hu in her breakout role as Grace, the Chinese-American cop who worked with the unit. Hu pulled off some great martial arts fight scenes, taking down slews of guys at a time and always in style. She could do undercover work from biker to stripper in a variety of outfits showing her toned and lithe body out and some nice humor alongside the ass-kicking.

From a tough case to relaxing at the beach, Hu was the eye candy but damn good at it and showed a lethal lady you could enjoy a lot. Running just one season inthis FOX series has attained a cult following thanks to its high-speed take on a secret undercover unit that basically keeps what it seizes for its job. While the male leads were okay, the real reason to watch was Tiffini Thiessen as their young boss who they first tried to dismiss but quickly showed them she was as hard-ass as any male veteran they could imagine.

The long-running Canadian series focuses on a group of police officers handling their first years on the beat.

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Missy Peregrym was the focus as Andy, the daughter of a burnt-out cop trying to prove herself. Gorgeous in uniform, she was hotter out of it with relationships with a fellow officer and a few one-night stands, trying to be a pro despite various mistakes, growing into a tough officer whose work could vary from life-or-death situations to even some quirky comedy, including left on her own on her own wedding day.

No matter what, Andy handled it with some great responsibility and blossoming as a great cop on her own to help the series flourish beyond its own rookie year.

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Before taking on her now famous role as Cookie on EmpireTaraji P. Henson starred on this CBS drama that went from a simple procedural to an intricate sci-fi drama.

Carter was an honest cop handling a plethora of corrupt officers, dedicated to getting at the truth no matter what. At first pursuing the main characters, she would form an alliance with them to help those in need, tough as nails and more than capable of holding her own. This is a woman who personally laund a rocket launr at Russian gangsters to kick off a war with a rival mob and protected a well-meaning mobster for help.

Her end was sad but thanks to Henson, Carter sparked the show nicely to help its transformation to a gripping thought-provoking series and the sass Henson would use for her current role.

At first cool and easy under fire with her blonde hair adding to her persona, Olivia grew more comfortable even as she began to exhibit bizarre mental powers of her own to become a major threat.

Torv really got to cut loose when we met the Olivia of an alternate universe, a brunette as feisty and outgoing as the other Olivia was reserved and Torv coming alive showing both women off with a great final season that showcased an tough woman in a crazy world or two but that smooth drive grounded the wild series nicely for viewers. Sophia Bush leaves her One Tree Hill past behind her big time on this NBC hit.

Erin is a cop as tough as the Windy City itself, willing to put herself on the line and in nice style with showing off plenty of heat in some steamy sex scenes.

"Girl" singer Maren Morris is showing the world she's all woman in her new photoshoot in Playboy magazine. The country star posed topless for a June feature for the iconic magazine. In AT a CBS press party to talk up the network's shows a week ago Saturday, Kathryn Morris turned down innumerable platters of mini grilled-ese sandwis and chicken skewers, and endured roving Estimated Reading Time: mins It was helped by Kathryn Morris as Lilly, the female cop of the Philadelphia police unit tracking down these old cases. With her lush blonde hair and sultry voice, Lilly was undeniably hot, even when clad in pantsuit and traenchoat, piecing together the stories and clues from so long ago to find the truth

She had a brief run on a federal unit before returning to the CPD, still nicely showing off her drive but hurt when a protegee is brutally murdered which triggered struggles with addictions. With her husky voice and killer smirk, Bush fits the role well, helping to highlight the series as a cop who has a few personal demons but makes up for it with a sultry side that puts heat in the Windy City.

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Sackhoff was amazing pressing in that uniform and turns like tricking a suspect doing a stripper routine and putting up with everything from being shot to tough chases, all with a nice humor to things.

The original Pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson shifted her image up for this hit Canadian drama. Jules was the sole lady on the police Strategic Response Unit the Toronto version of SWAT who handled hostage situations.

Highly athletic, even when she was bundled under thick protective gear and uniform, she was amazing, handling tough situations that usually had her talking to a perp or hostage more than just fighting and doing her best to keep up with the hard job. Marshall who had been played by Jennifer Lopez in the movie Out of Sight. Carla Gugino was a great choice for the TV role, bringing a more mature sexuality to the part but still looking spectacular to fit in with the Miami setting.

Fighting for the respect of her male colleagues and seeking advice from her private eye dad, Karen was stylish and smooth handling the search for perps in fun adventures that often showed a sassy humor that Gugino pulled off nicely. Portrayed by the utterly gorgeous Melina Kanakaredes, the Greek-Italian cop was part of the forensic unit of the New York Police Department, thus as brilliant as she was beautiful. Stella could rattle off science stuff rapid-pace while having a good humor and proud of her Greek roots.

She was also strong, evidenced by when she gunned down her abusive boyfriend in a fight in her apartment and handling the harsh crime scenes she was forced to work.

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When a group of terrorists escape to the present, Kiera is pulled along and is determined to stop them from altering the future. Nichols carries herself well as a cool customer who becomes a modern-day cop and truly stands out with the aid of a high-tech suit that provides weapons, holograms of crime scenes and Kiera is fully capable of taking on a perp twice her size and cool under fire.

But her journey is unique as she realizes how dark her future is and whether it should be saved, giving us a heroine to root for through her battles in time and proving herself a sexy cop no matter what era it is.

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A groundbreaker as one of the first shows to push a lead female character, this NBC hit featured Angie Dickinson in the title role of a female cop who dealt with undercover work. Thus, every episode had her as everything from a stripper to a prostitute, nurse, tear, flight attendant, dancer and more.

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